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Anatomy of an Affair?


Usually, reading the words “Star Magazine reports,” is enough to make me discount every single word that follows.  But several months ago there were rumblings that the marriage between Chris Ivery and Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo was on the rocks.  They’ve been married less than two years (they’ve been dating since 2003) and are expecting a baby girl one of these days.  As an aside, her pregnancy seems like it’s been dragging on for, like, five years.  

Anyway, based on that one stupid rumor that was floating around this summer, I’m wondering if this story could be true.  According to Star, record producer Ivery had an affair this spring with a Boston girl named Rachel Artz.  I checked out her Facebook — she’s 19-years-old, blond, hot.  Artz said, “Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris.  We were intimate several times.”  Ellen’s camp is denying the affair, but this teenager is spilling specific details of having sex with Chris in Boston, Miami and at a friend’s home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Oh, Ellen, it’s like you are getting real-life karmic payback for the fictional character you play on television.  So unfair.

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