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DJ AM Tribute Video Hits YouTube

Travis Barker just Tweeted a link to this DJ AM tribute video a few hours ago.  According to the video description, it was the same montage that was played at Adam’s memorial service.  It’s interesting to see pictures of Adam at different stages in his life.  His appearance was so drastically different pre- and post-gastric bypass surgery.  And then there was his shoe collection — 600 pairs.

With the link, Travis posted the message : “This vid makes me smile from ear 2 ear and tear at the same time, miss u homie.”

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  • This guy really knew music, if you never saw him I guess you wouldn’t get it – but he was an amazing person and he definitely knew how to make a party. He was way to young to have given up, if only he had reached out to someone.

  • Great post Wendie, thanks for sharing. He seemed like a great guy to be around. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s a shame man.

  • i didn’t really know much about dj am but sounds like a was a real life good guy. hope you find peace now brother in God’s loving hands.

  • in watching this again, you can really see how he really died in that accident a year ago from which he never recovered. Before that, he was so happy and full of life and truly loved what he did… which is why everyone around him, including his fans, were really upset and just deeply saddened… like me. I watch this video and it really does bring a tear to my eyes, especially seeing him with his mom who was obviously his biggest fan.

  • I had never heard his music before. I am assuming the slide show music were his mixes … he was really talented. Maybe his sad , untimely death can serve as a wake up call . Just because you are not a loser with one tooth and a torn Motley Crue tee shirt does not mean drug addiction can’t kill you .

  • Heartbreaking that someone with so much life,talent,humor,would leave before his time. I,too,wish he had just reached out to someone, or that someone had seen what was happening and reached out to him.I feel sad for his friends and family more than anything.I know the pain of losing a loved one and it is not something they will ever recover from.