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Ugh. Leann Rimes.

Leann Rimes

Old billy goat Rimes eschewed her usual lunch of chewin’ on other people’s husbands old tin cans  and headed out for a bite to eat at Santa Monica cafe Kreation yesterday with three puddin-bellied jabrones labeled by the paps as “friends.”

Those same three “friends” hung out with Dean Sheremet five days earlier in Dean’s new NYC stomping grounds. (I’m taking bets as to how long it will be before we see pics of Dean enjoying himself at Fire Island.)

I wonder which one of them will get to keep the “friends” in the divorce? (Dean finally filed the papers earlier this week. )

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    • I completely disagree. When you do the things that she had done, all the while remaining utterly smug, get ready for people to rag on you.

      • i agree with what she and eddie did was nasty. but, i think the two cheaters deserve each other. they aren’t hurting anyone now, so who cares what they do?

        and as for their exes, they should be happy they aren’t married to adulterers anymore and move on with their lives.

      • also, for someone who has been famous since she was 13, she has managed to stay relatively normal. she hasn’t gone crazy like some people we all know..

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  • can someone please help me figure out why exactly she is ugly to me?? is it the huge nostrils? the uper lip wierdness? the black eyebrows and blond hair…i guess a combo then.

  • She’s hard-looking, as befits any predatory homewrecking tramp. Since she and Cibrian both have the morals of alleycats, no surprise they both have those feline squinty eyes.

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    Dean is a very descent guy ,he is hurt but he will be better off and would get a wonderful girl in futureBUT WHAT ABOUT BRANDI? SHE IS LEFT ALONE TO TAKE CARE OF TWO LITTLE KIDS AND NO OTHERSOURCE OF INCOME PLUS SHE IS REALLY STRUGGLING TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH AND WORRIED ABOUT HER KIDS.lET gOD PUNISH LEANN AND EDDIE.They are homereckers and they have hurt the two little kids.

    • Why are you acting like Brandi is so helpless? Chances are she will get a huge pay off in the divorce and can hire as many nannies as she needs, plus I’m sure the kids will get to see their father at least occasionally. I know divorce hurts everyone involved, but I think you’re over dramatizing the situation. It’s a divorce, it happens every single day. I feel bad for the ids, but it’s not going to ruin their lives.

      • It wasn’t just a divorce. It was an affair that got played out in front of millions of people and exposed with the assistance of US Weekly and People mag because LR didn’t think that EC was moving fast enought.

    • isn’t dean gay?? so he’d be better off without leanne. and brandi was talking so much shit, i don’t feel bad for her anymore.

      are you serious when you wrote she has “NO OTHERSOURCE OF INCOME”. why can’t she go out and get a job like anyone else? there are so many working single mothers in the world, so don’t make her sound helpless just becuase she’s not married anymore.

      • Hi cbme(aka anon)?

        We have a “fan” trying to justify EC and LR actions by blaming BG and DS and then whining because BG is getting spousal support from her HUSBAND.

        What does DS being gay have to do with anything? That doesn’t give LR the right to cheat on DS or jump into bed with another woman’s husband.

        BG has every right to talk, she was not the one sleeping with another woman’s husband. Why do you keep acting like BG owes LR something?

        Why do you keep bringing up these other single mothers? BG is not a single mother, she is MARRIED. BG husband makes enough money to take care of his family.

        Why do you think that BG shouldn’t get spousal support? Because you are having an affair with a married man who doesn’t support you?

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