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Lily Allen’s Eyes Are Bigger Than Her Stomach

Eye-Popping Shopping

Lily Allen, it hurts me to hurt you, but what the hell are you doing with your eyes in these photos?

The singer went to a London market to stock up on sandwich supplies, water, cherries and kettle chips, but while she was there it seemed like she could barely keep her eyes in her head. Perhaps her bare face coupled with the harsh grocery store lighting is playing camera tricks on us, or maybe she’s just as facinated by her fellow shopper’s purchases as I am when I hit up the store, but homegirl looks ridiculous in these shots.

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      • Lily Allen does not do coke. She sued a newspaper for writing that she encourages any type of drug use. Besides she can’t do coke because she has asthma. She also wrote on her twitter page that she doesn’t do coke & has mentioned on video tape that the tabloid stories & gossip blogs are complete rubbish.

      • No, it’s not bullsh*t it is true. The lawsuits were against News of the World magazine & a dutch publication called Revu. feel free to look it up.

      • Molls you were the one that recently wrote: Say what you will about Lily Allen I think she’s fierce. If the idea that she’s a coke head even entered you’re mind (even a little bit) that’s hypocritical & 2 faced. It’s also very wrong about her. You’re last post on lily Allen (Elle magazine didn’t imply anything bad)

    • I think its called she turned her head and opened her eyes wide..oh my god YOU ARE ALL INSANE FOR READING SOMETHING INTO AN ACTION WE ALL DO EVERY SO OFTEN.
      I just did it now, when I read this friggin stupid post!

    • These reports always use the words probably, or maybe, there is no evidence that Lily Allen is on anything at all. Pictures certainly can’t determine someones condition. When you watch her on video tape you can tell she doesn’t use any kind of drug or over indulge in alcohol. Anon mentioned lawsuits, she has filed others against the tabloids that are still pending. It’s very difficult to sue the writer of a gossip blog, because the news spreads very quickly, but the idea behind these stories have always been wrong. this is just encouraging people to come to the wrong conclusion.

      • nice work, Lily’s PR team! i still don’t buy it. this chick’s smoking blunts on a boat with KATE MOSS [and her kid] for fuck’s sake! kate moss, dude. think about it. and elton john poking fun at her that one time they presented together at some awards ceremony. he implyed she was USING and HIGH and HE would know…ooohhh he would know. so quit it with the “spin spin”, mate. not gonna work. she’s already done herself in.

      • The comment was directed at the use of coke wake up. It wasn’t directed at what she “MIGHT have been smoking. Elton John was having fun with Lily Allen about drinking champagne – not pot- not coke, he was making fun of his own coke habit -not hers because she doesn’t have one. (yes she does have asthma) and that would cause a problem. you’re not buying it.. you don”t get it because you won’t be bothered with her until “you””think” shes doing something wrong. but she isn’t.

      • the lawsuits that she’s filed (or has won) can be proven (look it up) her condition with asthma can be proven (look it up) the effects of cocaine on someone with asthma can be proven (look it up) being skeptical and saying sure is not proof. it’s just a stupid answer.

      • i know someone with asthma who was a cokehead for yeeeearrrrs. and that girl’s still standin’! lawsuits shmawsuits; whether lily won or not means nothing here. bottom line is the girl’s earned herself a shady reputation and if it’s your job to clean up after her like this then best of luck to YOU, man, she’s gonna keep you workin’ hard for a loooooong time.

        p.s. he can still “snort her under the table” ya know:

      • That’s not true at all. Cocaine would kill someone if they had asthma. Besides “if ” you knew someone for years that has asthma, & did cocaine you would have brought it up when it was originally mentioned instead of taking too much time to think up the idea because you didn’t want to be called a liar. The Lawsuits (& the paparazzi court order against 2 agencies (in London) “ARE” working because the stories are less frequent & not as troubling. That is a good point. The video that you posted is from last year & back then her antics she became known for were very exaggerated by the tabloids & tabloid media.

      • THAT’S FUNNY. um nooooooooo i didn’t bring up my dear cousin, the cokehead asthmatic, ’cause i originally didn’t think asthma was the issue here. i could not care less of lily has asthma! spin spin, baby! she still finds time to smoke cigarettes & joints, dude, who you foolin’!? call me a liar. it’s cool. what’s TRUE is coke runs rampant in the industry little ol’ lily has found herself in & the chick loves to party. FACT. so piss off. i’m done with you, spinster. good day.

      • I’ve got asthma and I did coke once. It didn’t kill me.
        Of course, I spent those 15 minutes thinking I was going to die, and wondering why anybody ever does coke a second time, so maybe there’s something to that…

      • Yeah thanks for posting last years video tape that proves Elton john started it. That he was talking about HIS” cocaine habit not hers, that he was having fun with her for drinking, not using cocaine. You’re proving my points, not yours.

      • It’s an addictive drug (of course) Studies, “MEDICAL studies show excessive heart rate, rise in blood pressure and pulmonary disorder not always to the extreme, it would depend on the amount (it can be fatal) As you said why would anyone with asthma do coke? There is the reason they wouldn’t/or shouldn’t

  • Maybe she was just bug eyed in horror because she was being stalked and photographed while looking so bad…Heck, I would have just up and left! Or gone home and put on some make-up, changed my top…How dare she appear in public like that! The horror!

      • Molls writes these stories for evil beet o.k? In one story (about Lily Allen”s cover for Elle mag.) Molls writes that she’s fierce & has good thing to say. Go to to the top of the page, (there it is) molls is calling her a coke head. That’s the story you believe, the ones with the spin on them. I’m not spinning anything just going by fact.

      • OK Zach i mean Jake WHATEVERYOUSAY *frrrrrrrrrnt*poot* oh i’m so gassy this morning….

  • Hyperthyroidism (particularly Graves disease) is the most common cause of bulging eyes. With this condition, the eyes don’t blink very often and seem to have a staring quality.

    Generally, there should be no visible white between the top of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the upper eyelid. Seeing white in this area is usually a good indication that there is abnormal eye bulging.

    Because eye changes develop slowly, family members may not notice it until the condition is relatively advanced. Photographs often draw attention to the bulging when it may have gone unnoticed previously.

    • So why doesn’t she always look like this if she has some sort of condition? I’ve certainly seen photos where her eyes look nothing like this.

      • Severe back pain, (hypothyroidism pffft) that’s stupid. The pain is in her lower back and neck. the concerts are on video tape she wasn’t drunk, or high on anything. The fall isn’t on tape but she does not mention being drunk when it happen. (see Absolute radio interview Lily Allen/Geoff Lloyd Aug. 09)

  • I would like to say hyperthyroidism….but we all know she has a history of drug use. She has been getting thinner, which could be attributed to a hyperthyroid, but this is Lily we’re talking about. Not to mention a hyperthyroid usually leads to a rise in body temperature. She’s wearing a sweater and jeans. She probably wouldn’t have much energy to perform either. Trust me, as someone who was diagnosed with a hypothyroid and the OVER MEDICATED and ended up with a hyperthyroid, you fee like SHIT. I seriously just wanted to sleep all day.

  • maybe it’s because a group of fat scary men are taking her picture when she is just trying to buy some freaking groceries.

    • It’s easier to understand that Lily Allen is most likely in pain (because she suffered a fall) or that its the paparazzi annoying her, or both. She did fall off of a stage in Oslo. She did go to hospital for an m.r.i. And there isn’t any reason to believe that she wasn’t given painkillers, because she has to take them. Either way it has to be the pain she is in, because the fall is a true story

  • Oh my god are you people friggin kidding me????
    first of all what a lame ass post…Who knows why she opened her eyes wide…maybe she saw something unusual? Dont people sometimes open their eyes wide? I know it sound CRAZY but its not like this was a 10 minute long video of her walking thru the market with her eyes open wide.
    This is the stupidest thing ive ever read and the responses are even more so.
    Christ on a cross she opened her eyes wide..holy fuck what a bunch of doofuses for making that more than it is.

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