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“You know I never took this thing seriously. In addition, I’ve let the director know that I would be doing the show for the wrong reasons as I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick.”

An email excerpt from the most recent Bachelorette fiance, Ed Swiderski.  This was one snippet of correspondence sent to one of his two girlfriends while he was also vying for the heart of Jillian Harris.  Reality Steve has all of Ed’s email exchanges on his site, including proclamations of love and promises of molestation, but his site is currently crashed.

As of this time, Harris and Swiderski are still engaged.

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  • Uh yeah…I don’t believe any of these rumors. Anyone who watched the show could tell Ed was desperately in love with Jillian (and I emphasize the desperate part). Why would he have put his job on the line for someone he didn’t even like? Honestly this quote sounds more like something Wes would say, haha.

  • All of these shows are stupid, why they are on is beyond me, other than they cost less than 100$ to produce. None of them are on there for the right reasons. How anyone can even bother with this type of show and be invested in these turds is bewildering to me.

  • Oh no. If they can’t find true love on TV after a nationwide casting call, how will I ever stand a chance.

    *uncontrollable sobbing*

  • i am an avid viewer and for the sake of both of them i hope this isnt true, but ed did seem kind of slimy (sorry) I’m still wondering how she could have given up kiptyn! well, he’s having the last laugh now i guess.. (but knowing him he’s too nice a guy to be laughing at this)

    • Probably because she was embarrased that Kiptyn’s name sounds like a dried soup mix and is spelled like a baby name from the 80’s.