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Meghan McCain to Fill in for Hasselbeck


Like every time one of the co-hosts leaves or gets knocked up or has surgery on The View, Babs and Co. have to share the table with a series of fill-in guests. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the resident young conservative blond on the panel has just had her third baby with husband Timothy Hasselbeck and who better to bring in to replace her than another young conservative blond! It has just been announced that when The View returns on September 9th for their fall season, they will be welcoming Meghan McCain to the table as the first guest host.

Tell us in the comments what you think about this decision. Do you think that McCain is a perfect fit to round out the table or are you over her?

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  • Seems like a reasonable sub for Hasselbeck, may be an improvement. I don’t find McCain half as irritating as Elizabitch.

  • Meghan McCain really isn’t all that conservative. Believe it or not she voted for Kerry in 2004. She’s also not a complete idiot, the same can’t be said for Elisabeth. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against conservatives but Elisabeth has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. Hopefully, the viewers will love M&M and EH will get fired.

  • Whether or not she is the “token” conservative in this liberal shark tank is beside the point. Me thinks having some young blood with fresh ideas in this menopausal yap fest is probably the best thing that could happen to it although Bab’s is probably already crapping her Depends if she’s read and seen some of pretty sharp things Meghan has said even having the huevos to take on conservative bad girls like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham! It should be much more intelligent than the gob that was continuously spewed from Rosie’s pie hole!

  • Meghan McCain tends to speak freely… which always makes for interesting times on live TV.

    If The View really wanted to make it interesting… they have Kathy Griffin as a guest during the same time…

    • Sadly, K-Griff is re-banned from The View after she talked about Barbara and KY Jelly in one of her last stand up shows. :( I always loved it when Kathy was on the show.

  • I agree, I think Miss McCain is the only Republican that is making sense these days. I don’t watch The View but i can honestly say that (as a liberal) she would have my vote.

  • They ought to consider getting rid of the obnoxious Joy Behar for a bit. They should have at least one attractive liberal on the panel.

  • Gee Molls, “another young conservative blond”? As opposed to what? Another old haggard jew? Which is a category all of the others fall under. Barbara and Joy are fucking haters, and then you have the token, biased, blame whitey for my failures negro added to attract the blacks? Anyone who buys into this slanted, hate America, bullshit are just more pot smoking, never worked a day in their lives fucking liberal fagots/lesbians. The only reason the Beet hired you Molls and your equally moronic twin Wendie is because she wants to sabotage this site.

    • “Another old haggard jew?”, BTW? That’s the label you put on Whoopi and Sheri? Get with it, bro. I believe that Elisabeth would identify HERSELF as a young, conservative blond. None of those descriptions are inaccurate or disrespectful.

      • The description may not be “inaccurate”, but you know damn well the way in which you used it that it was meant to be disrespectful, (i.e. stereotypical). If I were to call Whoopi just another ugly, fat, black, democrat, those descriptions wouldn’t be inaccurate either but you would sure as hell think they were disrespectful. Typical text book fucking maneuver by people that try and shroud what they feel because they are to much of a fucking pussy to say it openly. I say what I feel on this site and trust me when I say I catch a lot of shit for it. But I don’t care. I don’t define my life with other peoples definitions. Your weak!

        “Get with it, bro”.

      • My sister is another young conservative blond. If I called that to her face she would not be at all offended. However “ugly, fat, black, democrat” is offensive in any sense. One is completely insulting and hateful while the other is referring to age and hair color.

        By the way, it should be “you’re weak”.
        Good try at an insult though.

      • Another dope smoking, unemployed, living in his mothers basement, pedophile.

        How shocking, Donkey Piss.

      • Interesting you throw out pedophile out of nowhere. Republicans are infamous for preaching The Good Lord™ and then raping little boys.

      • *laugh*
        Yeah, they’re always hanging around elementary schools wearing Obama shirts pushing weed on 5th graders.
        You’ve got your finger on the pulse, man!

  • she is not as dumb as hasselbeck but she is still pretty dumb. surely there must be some young, smart conservative woman they can get on this show besides mc cain, but obviously her last name is what gets her through the doors.

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