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Paris Continues The Singing Thing

Here’s a sampler of some songs that you’ll find on Paris Hilton’s newest CD. Who can resist songs with names such as “Platinum Blonde,” “Girl Tax,” and “Jailhouse Baby”?  Clearly an autobiographical project.

Now, I consider myself fairly adept at Internet research, but I can’t find a release date for this gem.  Of course, that could be because I can only handle small doses of Paris Hilton links in general.  I know she was struggling to find a record label who would pick up her sophomore (sophomoric?) effort.  Did this happen?

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  • Japan.. they like kinky male/female cuteness or freaky foreign stranger dangerness.. plus oddball nudity and awful karoke for a cheap price..

    1. verb; The act of having, giving, or recieving an STD.
    2. adj.; To have features resembling, or to be compared to Alec Baldwin in anyway.
    “I wouldn’t touch her, she gets freaky”;

    First guy, “Where’s Adam?”
    Second guy, “He’s in the bedroom getting freaky with that girl who has chlamydia.”

    First woman, “Do you see that guy’s eyebrows?”
    Second woman, “Yeah, he looks freaky… like Alec Baldwin.”

  • Wait. Did someone take a photo of Paris’ face from headon? I didn’t think that was allowed….
    I barely even recognized her!

    • I know, it took me a minute to figure out what was different. That said, she looks good on that Vogue cover.