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I Know You’ve All Been Wondering What Happened To Kimmy Gibbler


After Full House disbanded in 1995, it’s like we never really knew what happened to Kimmy Gibbler.  So many unanswered questions like, “Did Kimmy ever wash her socks?”  After being the annoying neighbor for years, the fans deserved to know the fate of these actors — well, other than the ones that ended up on the Lifetime movie circuit.

Well, wonder no more.  The cast reunited — except for the members that actually have careers now (the Olsens, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos) to autograph a humongous bra (size 40K) to be auctioned off for a breast cancer charity.  Andrea Barber, the now-retired actress who played Kimmy, is seen above with Steve aka DJ’s boyfriend!

Dave Coulier, the inspiration for Alanis’ “You Oughta Know”, has pictures of the event on his website.  Yes, he has a website, and as long as it doesn’t contain clips of him doing Donald Duck impressions, I’m okay with that.

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    • and i’m pretty sure the picture of the chick in a blue tank top signing on a kids head is her. it sure ain’t that fatty candace cameron bure.

      good research wendie.

      • Are you serious? The chick in the blue tank top is definitely Candace Cameron Bure.

        How does it feel to try to insult Wendy, but just make yourself look like an idiot?

      • Before you say I’m wrong, notice that from the main pic you can see Lori’s signature on the cup for the left boob. The “chick in a blue tank top” is signing on the right cup (where you can see Candace’s signature in the main pic).

      • Wow…someone likes to get their panties in a bunch. Glad your here to set all those “idiots” straight for insulting your stupid idol.

        Anyways, TMZ (a much better site) does have a photo of Lori so yeah she was around.

      • I could care less about any of those people, I just find it funny when people start to criticize someone (in this case Wendie) when in fact that person is blatantly wrong (and Wendie is right).

        I’m glad YOU’RE here, too ;-).

  • I suspect that Jodie Sweetin just whipped off her own bra and they all started signing it. Man, her implants are ridiculous! But at least she looks healthy. And wow, Candace looks gorgeous!

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