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Jaime Pressly Pees on the Street


Normally I would rather squat down on Robertson Blvd and pee in the middle of the day than use a photo stamped with Perez Hilton’s logo, but in this case I’m making an exception. Jaime Pressly squatted down on Robertson Blvd and peed in the middle of the day after drinking heavily at gay hot-spot The Abbey on Sunday. Yes, people got pictures. One is above.

Let me say something about this that perhaps Perez Hilton doesn’t know — the women’s bathroom at The Abbey is a fucking joke. There are, as I recall, two or maybe three stalls, and you can never get into any of them because girls lock themselves in there for thirty minutes at a time to do lines, and as soon as a stall opens up, the girls who actually work there get priority to use it. Honestly, the women’s bathroom line at The Abbey is usually 20 people long and it doesn’t move. So, in that regard, I understand why she’s peeing on the street. Still. There are plenty of nearby bars and restaurants where she could have gone, especially during the day when everything’s open. This woman has a child. Next time, drink a little less, James.

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  • Dayum! I’ve waited in line for the Abby restroom for over half an hour. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t go pee on the sidewalk instead.

  • Maybe there was just a puddle on the street. City streets regularly have random puddles, especially in indentations like the one she’s kneeling over. That would (a) be a lot of piss, and (b) why would she do it in the middle of the day?

    I don’t believe it.

  • Apparently she twittered that it was a bridal shower dare and she was actually pouring a bottle of water behind her back.

    • I was wondering what her hand was doing behind her back. It seems like a really awkward position if you’re trying not to pee on yourself.

      • She might be pulling her knickers to one side… but its weird that she’s on the phone as well. Anyway, who is she?!

      • I agree, very difficult postion to pee. It’s definatly a joke. Wouldn’t she be holding her dress so she didn’t pee on it?

      • Three things you don’t want to pee on:
        your hand, your dress, your shoes.
        That position would make it impossible to avoid. My vote is definitely for water.

  • What makes someone a slut for going to the Abbey, which is a famous LA gay bar? Flyover, she’s engaged and was probably with friends or her fiance AT A GAY BAR. Honestly, it looks to me like she’s outside talking on the phone because it’s loud inside, and it was nearly 100 degrees also. If it came from that douche bags site, it’s water running down the side walk. Lanvandiera only has a passing acquaintance with the truth so it’s probably completely innocent.

    Shouldn’t Mario be out stealing and cashing his friends checks being productive?

  • If it’s true, how creepy and trashy. If she was truly that intoxicated, those stilletos would be a doozy. Apparently someone took a video. Any links?

  • This looks bogus to me. The fact that it’s stamped with the universal symbol for idiocy makes me even more skeptical. Are those other pee marks around that larger stream of piss? What would explain those marks? Does she have a “little penis” like our “Lady GaGa” so she streams and squirts simultaneously? Also and more importantly who the fuck cares. Men piss were they fucking feel like all the time. (guilty as charged). Being West Hollywood I’ll bet if the Photog had panned to the right a little bit he/she would have probably gotten a better shot of some drunk celeb taking a shit. ( the Hoff perhaps, maybe Mel). I have my issues with women but completely sympathize with the “outside the home” restroom situation.

  • And – big shock! She appears to have a cell phone to her head like ever other vapid loser out there. Perhaps she’s twittering.

  • Something tells me that this pic is a fake. That’s the most stupid position to pee. If a lady wants to properly pee in the street after drinking all afternoon, she has to lean forward a little so she doesn’t get wee on her pretty dress. Not that I have experience in this matter….

  • I’m actually surprised you posted this, as 98% of Perez responders agree that she’s not peeing… because of the fact that it’s day, she’s on the phone, the angle of how she’s sitting, the way the dress is being held, and even the angle of the “liquid”.

    disappointing that the site is getting closer in spirit to that fat hack…

  • At the end of the day, even if she is using a bottle to ‘do a dare’, its a silly thing to be doing because she is 32 years old. I hope someone took her aside and told her off for that kind of behaviour.

  • I’m lost on the whole hatred for Perez Hilton thing (not that I can argue it). But I distinctly recall finding this site through It was the original up-skirt gallery that caught my attention and your link was right there on his page. Whats the story?

    • Cherry you make a good point. There are a couple of idiots who post their thorazine induced ramblings here and are almost stupid enough to start photo-shopping cum flowing out of every ones mouths like Perez does. I can only surmise Perez’s listing of this site was either in error or he got payed to do it.

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