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Mischa Barton on the Verge of Another Breakdown

Mischa Barton in NYC, August 2nd

I hate to break this to Wendie, but it looks like Mischa Barton might soon be off limits again.

Friends of the actress fear that she’s returned to work too soon after leaving the hospital and speculate that she’s on the verge of another, possibly more serious, breakdown. According to one friend, Mischa is “just not herself,” and another reports that she often “cries for no reason.”

Barton returned to the set of her new TV series The Beautiful Life a mere two days after being released from the hospital. She was involuntarily admitted after friends reported concerns that she was contemplating suicide.

All cattiness aside, it seems as if she’s been teetering on the edge for a while now and it won’t take much for her to stumble over that final step. Although she definitely looks better in the photo above (taken August 2nd) looks can be deceiving. Two days after a hospital release is just not enough time to safely recover.

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  • I love this blog and i love ripping on celebrities but i appreciate that you guys don’t make them look like fools when their psyche is involved. I had my own time in hospitals and it’s hard re assimilating. I give mad props to anyone who actually gets the help they need

  • I was also thinking how much better Mischa looks here. She is a pretty girl without all the eye shadow. And I much rather her get her sh*t together and get better.

    There seems to be so many lost causes right now running around LA…*cough*Lohan*cough* that it would be nice to see one of them get their life in order.

  • “Two days after a hospital release is just not enough time to safely recover.”

    What are you? A doctor?

    • Also, re: “Although she definitely looks better in the photo above…” I’m sorry, but no sane person would wear that outfit out in public.

  • Oddly enough, she looked best during her OC years. I hope she gets well, soon. Better yet, I hope these are all just silly rumours.