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Ahhhhhh HA HA HA HA You’re So Funny Jon Gosselin!

Jon Gosselin

Look you guys! Jon Gosselin is FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE by TAKING PHOTOS OF THE PAPARAZZI. Oh my God they HATE it when you do that. It gets them SO RILED UP. I mean, the resultant photos are FUCKING GOLD to them, which is SO ANNOYING. Oh, Jon. You are such a witty man.

I want to know more about the friend towering over Jon, making him look like the long-lost Little Rascal. I have such a weird thing for guys with shaved heads — especially when they’ve obviously shaved their heads because they’re balding. I feel like those guys try harder in the bedroom, because they know that, deep down, they don’t have any hair.

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  • I have a serious crush on a boy who is my fiance’s best friend all because he has a shaved head. It makes me think of my old boyfriend and the passion we shared. mmm Shaved heads.

  • Can I be a grammar pedant, since it’s you, Beet? Surely, “They know that, deep down, they don’t have any hair,” should be, “They know, deep down, that they don’t have any hair.” Otherwise, the resultant image is quite alarming!

  • What he should be doing is following one of the paps to their home, and sneaking around their property and taking pictures of their children through the windows and then posting them online. Now that would be revenge.

  • Jon’s getting even dumber if that’s possible, now he has a pretend body guard? Pathisad.

    This guy loves the attention, can you imagine how jealous he was the kids were getting all the attention for the last 5 years, he lives for the attention, those poor kids having him for a dad – first they earn the money and now he’s the star? They will grow up to never respect this leech.

    • Another example of Jon and Kate’s fabulous judgment. Didn’t they just spend about 1.3 million dollars to get a home with more privacy?

      Oops, their front yard is easy to see from the road but they can’t afford to put up a fence, just buy big cameras, wear diamonds in both ears, go to tanning salons constantly, travel to the Riviera, rent apartments in Manhattan – life is rough when you rely on the fame of your small children to survive.

      I just hope this isn’t another Jackson family in the making.

  • It is so nice to see a 32 year old out of work loser buy a $5,000+ camera with his exploited childrens money.

  • So, you like doing bald guys? or you don’t like doing bald guys… kinda left that unanswered. As for Jon, his reality show is gonna be so much more fun to watch than Kate’s… He should just borrow the Rock of Love bus and get started now; his face will explode into 1 alcohol infused capillary.

  • Guys, really, he isn’t being clever by taking pictures of the paparazzi. He’s taking a picture of a particular photographer. A hot, female one. :)

  • ugh, he just gets douchier every day. doesn’t he have a job? at least his shrewish wife promotes her book.