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Stanford Blatch is a Daddy

Actor Willie Garson

Sex and the City star Willie Garson is in the process of finalizing the adoption of his 8-year old son, Nathan. Garson had attended an Adoption Fair with the intention of adopting a toddler, but knew as soon as he met Nathan that he was his son.

“It’s like a pet fair – as horrifying as you can imagine,” he recalls. “It was really hard. The 16-year-old fat, ugly kid, who has probably been to 30 of these, knows he’s not going to get adopted. Like everything, cute wins.”

To that end, Willie was shocked that his son was still in the system. “I couldn’t believe my kid was actually available for adoption,” says the doting dad. “He’s so cute and sweet.”

Willie makes sure that Nathan’s biological mother has a relationship with the boy. “For many reasons, she couldn’t care for him,” he explains, “but I will never let her not see him.”

Willie will take Nathan with him when he relocates to New York later this year to begin filming Sex and the City 2. The relocation might be a bit of an adjustment for Nathan. Apparently the two are able to lead a fairly quiet existence in L.A., but the entire Sex and the City cast “can’t walk 20 feet without being mobbed” in New York City.

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  • Of course, he didn’t go for the “16 year old fat, ugly kid” either. He also went for a “cute, sweet” one. How sensitive.

  • What a sweet man to take an older child and that he just knew the child would be a good fit for him, both of them are got lucky that day. Yes they have adoption fairs, after you have qualified and have had background checks and you are on an adoption list, they bring out children to spend some time meeting prospective parents. Many of the kids are from the state foster system and can never be reunited with a family member, so instead of bouncing from home to home only to be cut lose on their 18 birthday with nothing, they have these fairs and they hope that some really big hearted people will come and a match will be made.

    There are currently 75k ish foster children in CA, in his age group 45% are white ethnically in northern CA. These kids want to love and be loved, it’s very sad but when they do find a home it’s so wonderful. Great guy! Even if only one child got a home it’s a wonderful thing.

  • That’s so sad about the fat 16-year olds knowing they won’t be adopted. It’s hard to imagine that some kids don’t even get adopted or are in foster care until their adults.

    I’m glad he adopted an 8-year old. Congrats, and hope he enjoys parenthood!

  • I don’t know if he really is the best person to adopt a child. Really — calling an adoption fair like a “pet fair.” “Like everything, cute wins.” How insensitive. I hope CCPS does a thorough background check on this guy because something tells me there is a little Joan Crawford lurking behind those glasses. Yikes!