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I Think I Just Threw Up in My Mouth a Little

Justin Long, Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long filming scenes for the upcoming movie Going the Distance in Central Park. Yes, it’s a scene for a movie. But does that make it any less nauseating? Also, these two are dating, so this is an example of something that happens all the time in real life. I often wonder how I sleep at night knowing that things like this go on.

Another gossip site had these photos listed as Justin and Drew having a day out in the park, not filming for a movie. But you can tell they’re filming for a movie because in the real world, any woman (or man) with half a gram of common sense and functioning gonads would be turned around the other way in the boat, making out with Charlie Day.

While most of the photos in the gallery are shots of them filming, I’m pretty sure there was something “real world” seriously wrong with that hotdog.

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  • Had to google Charlie Day because I couldn’t figure out which of the other guys in the boat were supposed to be “hot”. Meh. Scrawny, scruffy, what’s the difference between him and Justin Long?

  • Drew always creeps me out nowadays. I can’t figure out what work she had done, but she doesn’t look like the same woman to me. Her face always had a cute, lopsided charm, ever since she was a little girl.

    Now? I get a Heidi Montag/Asslee Simpson vibe. Something is just not right. She looks great & all but sorta generic pretty. She used to have real character to her face. Guess she didn’t want it!

    • It could possibly just be age–her face is losing its baby fat. It definitely looks more angular and less “cute.” I think a lot of thin actresses start to look a little harsher as they get older because they have less padding.

      I can’t be cynical about Drew and Justin–I think they make a good couple and I really hope she stays sober.

  • Sorry for the gross anology but Drew won’t settle down, she’s gun shy on trust.. as my cousin soap drama queen Lupe says; “Bless her lisp and drunken child syndrome retardation ..her poor heart has been broken more times than my cat Pinto Bean farts.”
    Well it sounds funnier when she rapidly says it in spanish..

  • Her face looks like it has been hit with a skillet. She also is working with a Jay Leno chin. I don’t get the Justin Long thing. Blech.

  • I love them. I have always had a crush on Justin Long… I have a thing for slightly geeky thing guys (shrug).

  • can we please retire the phrase “threw up in my mouth a little?” it’s been used into the ground.