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Where Is Leo? Peekaboo!


I thought of that title because it’s a game I play with my dog, who is also named Leo. I pull down his ears so that they cover his eyes, and then I say “Where is Leo? PEEK-A-BOO!” But unlike a delighted and amused human child, Leo jerks away and then looks at me like “WHAT THE FUCK YOU CRAZY BITCH I CAN’T SEE WHEN YOU DO THAT.”


LeoNARDO was playing peek-a-boo with the paps yesterday, who are chasing him as he’s trying to vacation on the Spanish island of Formentera. I was originally going to title this post “Catch Me If You Can,” but then I realized that I’d like it much better if I could talk about my dog.

I should also say — because I’m asked this all the time — that Leo was not named after Leonardo DiCaprio. He has the name Leo because that was his name at the shelter where I got him. But I will say that my friend’s sister has a cat named Leonardo DiCatio. The same sister just got a chihuahua and named him Justin Bobby. I think someone needs to award this young woman a MacArthur Genius Grant, stat. Just fund her to give people money to let her name their pets. The world would be a much more amusing place.

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  • Hell with Leonardo DiCaprio, I think your Leo is much cuter and way more loyal.

    I love the Peek A Boo story. I have a Newfoundland Dog. She’s 140 lbs. When either my hubby or I are sitting in a chair, she will come up to us and bury her face next to our thigh and the arm of the chair. You cannot see her face, only the top of her head. She will stand real still, they you say, “where is she?”, “OMG I don’t know where she is!” Her tail will start slowly wagging then up pops here head like “here I am”.
    She then prances around like a pony…

    It’s like when the kids shut their eyes thinking that you can’t see them since they can’t see you.

  • I wish someone in the water would spear his raft while simultaneously chumming the water to attract Great Whites. I’d settle for a Bull Shark. If the chum is the result of shoving “Vera Farmiga” through a meat grinder more the better.

  • Dude has put on a lot of weight, They said he would end up the next Marlon Brando ( in size not acting ability).

    • Hoping I don’t sound completely out of it but I’ve been wondering for so long what FTW stands for!

      • I think in this context it means “for the win” but some people do use it to mean “f*** the what” because they think that wtf is cliché now.

  • I need to be friends with this girl! I love naming pets crazy names. Usually I go way more over the top with my fish since I don’t have to yell the name everyday or actually have the vet write it down when I bring them in for check ups so it’s a win-win!

    Some of my favorites have been:
    Princess Consuela Banana-hammock
    Geraldo Rivera: In Space! (he was in a space themed fish tank)
    Milton (office themed fish tank)
    Chewbacca Bubbles

    I do love Justin Bobby, but that would just let everyone know I have watched the Hills enough to know who that guy is, or it could just mean I watch the Soup A LOT which I do…

  • I think Katy Perry’s cat is named Kitty Purry…that’s my favorite! And what about Harajuku Bitch? Second favorite..!