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Can You Stand the Cuteness? Anna Paquin and Vampire Bill Engaged!


Okay, okay, I guess his real name’s Stephen Moyers, but he’s the fanged hottie-pants who plays Sookie Stackhouse’s true love on True Blood. (Which desperately needs to start releasing its season two episodes on iTunes, because I’m almost out of West Wing episodes.) He and Anna Paquin are engaged in real life now. Their reps confirmed the news.

The couple initially started dating after meeting at auditions for the show, but they kept their relationship a secret until this past February because they didn’t want the rest of the cast and crew to feel uncomfortable about it.

“It’s just exciting, and that was there from day one,” Moyer has said. “We always take the piss out of each other and are silly with each other, and it is great. We’re very, very happy. She’s the best.”

Awww, yay for Anna and Stephen! I’m so delighted about this.

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    • LOL…I was seriously going to comment on that myself. Couple thing = cute. Gap = not at all cute.

  • I am totally annoyed and worried over this. For one, I think she is too young for him but whatever thats not important. I am worried that it won’t last and then it will cause the premature end of True Blood. They better be the odd Hollywood couple that makes it cause I flippin’ love that show!!!

  • She’s great! I trust that she’s not stupid and she knows he’s going to be good to marry. They are cute. I wish I knew the deal about his ex baby mama interviewing Anna about the show, and Anna telling her that she and Stephen were in love. Did Anna know the interviewer was his ex, or was it all okay with her? It seemed really odd to me when I read that, and then the article afterward perhaps they are all very friendly, I know he flies back to visit his kids every couple of weeks, or they are out here.

  • Please God let them be staying at a hotel next to a Nuclear Power plant with a leaking reactor when they fuck for the sake of producing an infant (Which would be a first for a Hollywood Couple),(For the sake of foiling a successful fertilization of course). If there would ever be a child (or the remaining public) who would actually thank you for not bringing the inevitable monstrosity their fornication would produce into this realm this would be it. These are two of the ugliest, slimiest, most untalented pieces of crap ever to be noticed. PRAISE THE LORD!

  • I seem to recall IMDB saying he was 5’10”. Not exactly tall, but hardly ‘short’.

    Unless its lying…. stupid lying internets…

    • Really?? I’m honestly surprised. I agree, 5’10” isn’t short. He just seems so tiny to me, maybe it’s because he’s got a slim build.

  • Delighted about this? Beet you continue to shock me…

    He dumped his current girlfriend and child to be with Anna. Hardly the effort that deserves such “delighted” cuteness.

    People like this sicken me. Ugh.

    • how exactly do you know this to be true? there is nothing to back up the “fact” that he dumped his girlfriend to be with anna. people have commented on here that he and his girlfriend had been separated for some time before he and anna began dating. that’s just as likely to be true as the former, especially since all three of them are friends. do you really think his ex would be interviewing anna for an article and asking about their love life if they weren’t on good terms?

  • I also tend to think this guy is an asshole for above mentioned indiscretions. There is also something about Anna Paquin that just annoys the shit out of me.

    • there’s no proof of these indiscredtions, it’s all just GOSSIP. do you really think moyer’s ex would write this if anna stole her man away?
      “As we finish dinner at Gjelina’s there’s – honest to God – an earthquake. A 5.0 no less, 15 long seconds, during which we both go quiet and I reach for Anna’s hand (it’s my first quake, I’m scared).”

      she and anna are friendly, which makes this so called indiscretion a lot less credible.

  • Thanks, Beet! I think they’re an adorable couple – love them on the show, love them in real life. Is it weird to kind of ‘ship a real couple? Please, no one answer that…

  • I’ve never been the type to go”OMG!! They are soooo,cute !!” If they’re thrilled over each other..good for them!! Now Stephen Moyer he is a nice looking and funny,friendly, sexy man..and a very good actor. I don’t know much about, Anna? But, their personal life is there’s..I really don’t care..Now, True Blood happening’s…that I’m interested in!! Love the show…