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Oprah Sued for $1 Trillion

Oprah Winfrey

Yeah, you read that right. $1 trillion-with-a-T. Here’s the story:

In an intellectual property case filed July 31 with the US District Court in Washington, D.C. author Damon Lloyd Goffe of the Bronx, New York is suing the talk show titan and her production company Harpo, Inc for damages he claims to be worth $1 trillion.

In the legal papers, Goffe says that “in April 2008 Oprah confessed to seizing original works of authorship” and published on the internet the first draft of his work “A Tome of Poetry” under another title “Pieces of My Soul.”

The claimant says the website in question is no longer live.

The suit also alleges Oprah sold over 650 million editions of the work online for $20 a copy which “calculates for 1.2 trillion dollars!”

Look, I don’t know whether Oprah stole this work or not, but I have a great deal of trouble believing even Oprah sold 650 million editions of anything for any amount of money, let alone $20. For comparison’s sake, just over 300 million people are currently living in the U.S. So this implies that Oprah got over twice the U.S. to buy an online book for $20. Even pre-recession, that’s insane and would never happen. I’d be surprised if the Bible sold more than 650 million copies last year. Stupid lawsuit, moving on now.

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  • This dude can not do basic maths. Or worse he does not know a correct term fo an amount, yet claimes to have written a book.
    650,000,000 copies at $20 a pop equals
    $1,300, million if you are European, or
    $1.3 billion if you are american.
    To make 1.3 trillion that book would have had to have sold about 65,000,000,000,000,000 copies or about 9,300,000 copies to each and every person in the world.
    I know I did not buy 1 copy of that book, so some1 out there has 18,600,000 copies .

  • Calculating how many Bibles are sold in the US

    Calculating how many Bibles are sold in the United States is a virtually impossible task, but a conservative estimate is that in 2005 Americans purchased some twenty-five million Bibles—twice as many as the most recent Harry Potter book. The amount spent annually on Bibles has been put at more than half a billion dollars.
    Worldwide 100 million per year or more

  • Again showing how sleazy lawyers truly are… a crazy man thinks a book of poetry sold 650 million copies ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!

    Honestly… I hope he is made to pay attorney’s fees – and she must be a target of loons much more often than we think. I haven’t seen her show in ten years but apparently she’s planning on retiring soon now that she is a poetry thief.

    • LOL — no doubt! I’m a poet, I’d be satisfied with 650. Period. Wihtout all the zeroes :D

  • Jori- what kind of math are you using ????? This guy had to have sold 65 QUADRILLION books at 20 bucks apiece to make 1.3 trillion dollars ?!??! wtf??? also, 650,000,000 x $20 = 13 billion not 1.3 billion… And, if every person in the world (6 billion) bought 9,300,000 copies of this book at $20, that would add up to 1.116x 10^18, or 1.1 ZILLION dollars… phew…

    • UMM
      The suffix ILLION means series of 6 digits/ zeroes.
      The prefix sets how many series.
      A Billion is actually/ scientifically equal to 12 zeroes ( 2 series of 6 zeroes )
      A Trillion is actually/ scientifically equal to 18 zeroes ( 3 series of 6 zeroes)
      A Quadrillion is actually / scientifically equal to 24 zeroes ( 4 series of 6 zeroes)
      I know Americans call a thousand million (10^9) a billion , a million million (10^12) a trillion and a thousand million million( 10^15) a quadrillion but they are actually and scientifically not . and using that there is just about 7 thousand million people in the world ,if each bought 9,300,000 copies each the sum made would be 13 (10)^17 or an actual 1.3 trillion dollars
      a ZILLION is not an actually set amount of series of 6 zeroes, it is just a term used to mean a lot / a number that is bigger then would usually be used. Most agree that it starts at or above 10^69/72 , or above 1000^23/24, or about 1000000^11/13. So your calculation of 1.116 x10^18 is no where near a zillion
      But you are correct that 650,000,000 x $20 is $13 thousand million, and not $1.3 thousand million as I PUT.
      But even if you disagree and if you want to use american terms for figures and not the correct ones , then you still have to agree the guy used faulty maths. That 650,000,000 copies at $20 each will never equal 1.3 trillion dollars. Even Using your american formulae the total would be 13 billion as you pointed out ( my only faulty calculation)

      • OH PS
        Messed up again
        my figure works out to 1.3×10^18 ( not ^17 as I put above)

        Using my sum in American terms 1.3x 10^18
        would be 1.3 quintillion, and not a 1.3 zillion

      • Messed up again my figure comes to 1.3x 10^18 and not 1.3×10^17 as I put above.
        OH BTW that figure ,an American would call that sum 1.3 quintillion, and not 1.3 zillion

      • I would like to know where you came up with your “definition” of “-illion”.

        I assume you dremt it up.

  • JoRis, Illion is a suffix of three zeros after a million, i.e Billion = 1’000’000’000 Trillion = 1’000’000’000’000.
    It’s not an American thing, I did A level physics in England, and that is the system in use, in all the official textbooks and everything.
    Maybe you left education 50 years ago or something, but 1000 X 1000’000 = 1Billion.

    • You are talking the short form of those figures.
      I and half the world will not accept that, we only accept the long form.
      Where illion means series of 6 numbers , and the prefix means how many series.
      The short form/ new form is what you stated .
      I did put in some links but they called it spam and wiped it, look it up.
      But srtill even to you short formists then 650,000,000 sells at $20 does not equal 1.3 trillion you would call it 1.3 billion ( even though it is 1.3 thousand million).
      Apparantly the Americans started the short form as it was easier to say 1 billion( and more impressive lol) then saying 1 thousand million.
      I believe that the oil AND ‘robber’ ‘barons’ first coined it ,as they wanted to be grander then millionaires when they got to 1000 million and it stuck
      ( do not quote me on that it is a story I heard growing up and do not know if that is the true origin of the short form)