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More Vanessa Hudgens Naked Pictures Hit the Web

Update: Photos removed on request.

You’d think she would have learned her lesson! Maybe she just likes the publicity …

We haven’t heard much from or about Vanessa Hudgens in recent months, but that’s going to change, as a new set of nude photos has hit the web. These pictures look much more recent than the original set. I can’t say for sure that they were taken after her first set of naked photos leaked, but the extensions, makeup, etc, definitely looks more recent. You like this, doncha, V?

Uncensored photos are after the jump.

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  • Meh. I saw her old nude photos and I’m obviously seeing these now, and I just don’t find her attractive. Maybe if she was more interesting I’d care that these photos exist.

  • Doesn’t her movie come out soon? And I lol’d when her twitter said “Trending topic, but not for the right reason.”
    Girl, go to playboy if you want naked pictures of yourself. Jesus.

    • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a twitter, which is why he account isn’t verified. She’s said several times she doesn’t have one, but I haven’t heard her mention it one way or another in an interview for awhile.

  • I think this is a way to make herself seem like a sex symbol to compete with the likes of megan fox. megan fox recently said she’d eat zac efron because he’d taste like a ‘strawbeerry cupcake’. maybe she’s gettin a little jealous? regardless, she’s an idiot for doing this.

  • does no one find it strange that in supposedly new pictures she’s usig a razr? I haven’t used one in over three years and I’m not a rich celebrity..

  • with the side view and less-than-stellar clarity, i totally thought the girl in the underwear was miley cyrus. wouldn’t have been surprised either.

  • the only reason I find this hot is because it looks like the naked offspring of vanessa and the oh-so-sexy mila kunis

  • Theses can’t be new! There is no way ANY self respecting teenage-ish girl would still be using a Razr. I refuse to believe it.
    Also, she is trying way too hard.

  • Looks like she used her Razr and a razor this time… got the brazilian wax this time… looks good; unless she talks to Debbie Gibson’s boyfriend who would tell her she could lose 5 lbs. These look older though, she looks younger here…. Maybe she’s sending them to Megan Fox.

  • I don’t think its her. Besides im sure she has more than enough money to get a better phone than a razr. It looks like its some middle school chick in a messy room who looks like vanessa and is flattered to have her pics on the web. Dirty dirty.. Do you know what your kidos are doing with their camera phones in their rooms n bathrooms? Pretty sad.

  • Looks like a cheap knock-off of Vanessa. I do not think that the Zac Efron poster on the wall in the background is altogether believeable. The Louis Vuitton bag, maybe, but cheap knock-offs of those are a dime-a-dozen, too.

  • I don’t think it’s her and if it is, it’s an old picture. Like everyone else said, A Razr in 2009? I don’t think so. She’s probably got an iPhone or a Sidekick, but not a Razr.

  • These pictures are from the same time as the last photos. She was under eighteen. Beet, get the CP off your site! Or at least censor it because she is definitely not legal in these pics.

  • Not to be a total perv or anything, but I compared her breasts to her original nude pictures. The breasts are around the same size and shape and the areolas are about the same size and color so based on that it’s plausible this really could be her.

    Also, her lawyers contacted Perez Hilton and told him to remove the pictures from his website — it’s the first story right now. So I guess it really is her?

  • I’d hit it… like a drum… Keep up the “good work” girl…

    What about a little “playing” picts…

  • i totally agree with what you said about the make-up and hair extentions.

    but the only thing that isn’t seeling me on the pictures being recent is that she is using a razor phone.

    i have many freinds frome every walk of life, including celebrities, but every single one of them that has a cell phone and an extra chunk of change to spend, and even a lot of those who don’t, have upgraded their phone from cool-in-2005 razor.

  • Am I the only one that thinks that this does not look like Vanessa Hudgens? Look at the face.

  • I just want to point out for all of you bitching about Vanessa having not learned her lesson If you get a hold of the originals and check out the date stamps you will notice these were taken before her first scandal someone has just been holding on to them and finally let them leak.

  • The pics are fro the same set of photos as the first ones… Her publicist and lawyers demanded that the pictures were taken down because she was underage at the time that the photos were taken… These were taken BEFORE the first set of photos as NipSinEsp said… If they were recent wouldn’t they be in her NEW house? Gee!

    And all of you bitching about Vanessa… She made an honest mistake in the PAST but apparently some haters were holding this and waiting for the right time to post it. They didn’t manage to make her fans hate her the first time so they come back with a second attempt… People’s jealousy is seriously pathetic

    And did you guys think of the possibility of PHOTOSHOP? Or someone looking like her? It happened in the past with other celebs!

    Anw I still love her

    • wow tini you’re an idiot. the only way other people could really get these pics is if she was stupid enough to post the on the internet herself, email them to people, or put them on her computer and someone else accessed them. i think she put them in public herself as a publicity stunt. zac efron has had actual movies and is getting a shit ton of attention, and her – not so much. no matter what medium they were taken from, she was stupid enough to take these pictures. she definitely didn’t take these for herself; obviously she sent them to someone as a reminder, “hey, i’m hot!”. her lawyers have confirmed it’s her and have told websites that they were taken when she was underage so they constitute child porn. And anyone who thinks this doesn’t constitute child porn is an idiot as well. get over your high school musical obsession and get a grip on reality. no one on here is jealous of her – she’s a gorgeous girl but clearly she’s got little to no common sense.

      • guess that means vasnessa is admitting taking part in the production of child porn, that is a crime as well, and distributing it if she sent the pics to anyone. she should be arrested as well.

  • And Vanessa has an i-phone for the last 3 years… Obviously these are old pics! and at her OLD house!

  • You removed the pictures by request????? Or were you just afraid to keep them posted? Egotastic, WWTDD.. and oh.. about every other gossip page on the net still has them posted, and the Evil Beet can’t do it? bah

  • This is what is called the manufacturing of child porn vanessa since you admit you took the pics yourself. if you sent them to any one that is distribution of child porn. normal teen girls have gotten criminal charges filed for snapping pics of them selves on there cells, and sending them BFs. She should be arrested.


  • yo man leave her alone man,, these pics wernt ment ta b splashed around shes just a normall lass hu sends pics to her borfrend man uz all need a fkn life losers

  • y do all the girls get all bitchy cuz she fine and zac’s lucky ass gets to fuck her all day……… man i wish i was him…..lucky him

  • guys iz not my fault if i can’t typ well, im jerkin off by the thought of c’in her naked…u c i drop of a lot of letters cuz im jerkin

  • i meen im not a perv or anything but im juz saying id fuck her untill she throws up my dick… juz saying. I’ll Banslam her lol
    (TAKE NO OFFENSE U UGLY UNFUCKBLE BITCH’S THAT HATE ON FINE GIRLS). im not obsessed or anythin. its juz that i hate girls who HATE ON OTHER girls 4 being hott

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    • shut your fucking mouth ashley she is so hot and it’s for the boys and i got a new puppy and i want to suck on zac efrons dick.I like girls and boys.

  • vanessa is very stupid to do those things to her self……………
    and then she is dating zack efron
    one bitch saddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • im happy that u got new photos of your sexy ass self!!! i wanna see that pussy,and those tits. next time do a video

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  • i wanna suck your pussy all day and i want you to give me head and i wanna suck your nice tits too !!!!

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