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No One Cares About Jon And/Or Kate Plus Eight

Leah Gosselin, Alexis Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

I really think TLC needs to give up on J&K+8 and move straight into production for Jon Minus Nine. Audiences seem to have a dwindling interest in the reality TV family — last night’s back-to-back episodes, the first since the divorce announcement, saw average ratings of 3.6M. While this is a very good number for cable TV in general, it’s a huge dip from the May season opener (9.8M) and June’s “big announcement” episode (10.6M). Audiences loved watching the bickering between Jon & Kate while they were still together, but perhaps it’s less intriguing to watch a broken family attempt to soldier on, especially when TLC doesn’t seem to want to actively involve any of the drama surrounding Jon’s dating life.

Do you think ratings will perk up over the rest of the season, or will Jon & Kate sputter to a close?

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    • Her hair is foolish. I really thought she would be over the ‘dike look’ by now. And the whole car spoiler in the back and bear claw in the front is just crazy. (For those of you who are fans of the comedian Ralphie May you found what I just said to be funny.)

      Hair aside…the shows ratings? Who cares. Of course the highly ‘advertised’ episodes had more viewers. I still think there is a huge following and interest. I’m still interested. I am WAY curious to see how Kate gets on. I think John is acting like a huge whore and I can find my entertainment on him in the news. I don’t necessarily need it on the show.

    • If she would just dye it red and get big skunky highlights, she would look like all the french secretaries at my work who bring their own cushion when they go sit outside on the bench to smoke. It’s just as elegant as it sounds.

      • That’s exactly how I wore my hair until 2007.

        Also, whenever people bring up Kate’s hair and how “dykey” it is, I get really uncomfortable.

      • Why? I guess I could have said ‘boy cut’. Its just a saying. Unfortunately for me I can’t always be politically correct. :)

        All joking to the side…seriously, I think everyone is getting sick of the Kate-do.

  • I want them to just end the whole thing. I stopped watching when they moved into the new house. That move was their “Jump the Shark” moment. They had tons of special guests and it stopped becoming interesting. G’bye!

  • I don’t want kids, why would I watch a show of someone raising kids?

    Ok, don’t jump all over me, I’ve never watched the show but does the middle kid (in the picture) have Downs Syndrome? Or does she just look like her father?

    • She just looks like her dad.
      In fact, she looks a little disgruntled by the cameras in this pic.

      • Yes, they are cute, but I wonder why Kate won’t let them dress differently. I have never seen them wearing unique outfits. I know that these little ladies are not peacefully agreeing about what to wear everyday. They are constantly on parade.

        I tried to watch the show on Monday, but when I saw that they were getting a kitchen remodel on their already nice kitchen, I had to turn it off. This family is constantly indulged. God help the kids when the ride is over.

      • So they wont be complaining about what each other is wearing. “I wanna wear that! I don’t wanna wear this!” It makes things easier if they just all wear the same thing.

      • Growing up, all the twins I knew were dressed the same. And Liz is right, that way they’re not fighting over the same outfit/colours, etc.

  • I want TLC to show Jon Dates 8 just to piss Kate off. I want to see her skunk head explode. She ruined the show by blathering too much. I was waiting for a wave to wash her out to sea.

  • Sasha, we agree with your quotes to CNN! What the show really needs is to stop, just stop, except for the whole contractual obligation to TLC thing.

    The show was at its best when we could malign and vilify Kate. But now? Now the show is just sad, and people don’t want to watch that.

  • I read on another blog (The Superficial, I think) that he has a new girlfriend and she has modeling pictures and there’s so incredibly bad, it’s awesome. Post it so we can make fun of it.

  • No I am not going to watch this trainwreck of child abuse go on, making you kids your bread and butter and saving nothing for them deserves to be shunned by anyone who truly cares for kids.

    After seeing Jon in action I think it’s great he has bailed and they will hardly see him, he’s pig and should be discouraged from being around the kids, and if the money flow is cut off they will probably never see him again.

    • Bread and butter? I thought Kate fed the kids pretty good.

      Are you kidding about the money? Kate is probably saving most of it. Haven’t you noticed that they hardly pay for anything?

      • Seriously, and it’s not like the kids are paying for EVERYTHING. Kate does the book tours and appearances. Sure they came with the kids.. but she had six kids at once, who isn’t curious about that?

  • i thihnk the show will sputter to a close, and then in like 2 years we’ll see a post on evil beet sayig, ” remember Jon and Kate ? ”
    p.s. Jon is fugly

  • I could care less about their clothes I agree the show should stop and we have no clue how much money is left of what has been made off the children! Kate never even wrote the first book and she likes being in the spotlight esp. now that she is the martyr.. I think someone else needs to protect the children and what is being made off of their birth so there is something left for later when this whole money train wrecks.