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Katy Perry Bikini Pics

Katy Perry Adjusts Her Straps

You know what? Underneath all the peacocks and pizza and dice, Katy Perry has an amazing body.

Here, Katy hangs around backstage in an ill-fitting frilly pink bikini after a beach concert in Miami.

A word of advice though: if your band is riding up like that in the back, it’s a sure sign it’s too big. Get a smaller band size (one that sits level from front to back). Your knockers can thank me later.

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  • OHH… if the band rides up does it mean it’s too big??? I always thought it meant it is too small, so I’ve been getting larger size! >.<

      • I thought it meant it was too big…if it was a little tighter it wouldn’t move up as much. Katy Perry does have pretty big boobs though so it might just be the weight of them pulling up the back of the bikini top. Cute bathing suit anyway.

      • Yep Kellys right, I went for a bra fitting recently at Bravisimo, my bra was constantly riding up, looked horrible!! They told me my bra size was completely wrong – I was wearing a 34E, but am now a 30G!! My new bra fits like a glove (so to speak), so yeah, I deffo recommend getting fitted!! Anyways, I think her bikini looks cute, but its hard to get fitted ones, so I feel her pain!!

      • Go to any bra fitting place, they will tell you it’s because it is too big. Or just google it before you comment.

      • When it’s too big, you tighten the straps way more than you should, so it rides up.

  • That’s funny, I go to this site and think I accidentally went to The Superficial. Why can’t I escape bikini pics?

  • Thanks Kelly for the underwear tip! I worked in the bra biz for many years and I swear the entire world thought they were a 36B.

    Band size measurement: While wearing a bra, measure right underneath your boobs (rib cage, a little higher than where your bra bottom band is). Add 5 inches. That’s the band size-32, 34,36. If the number you get is odd, go up 1. The cup size is next, but this is enough for this convo.

  • Does anyone know who makes this bikini? It’s super cute and I’ve been looking for the kind of top that go over the shoulder instead of tie behind the neck. I can’t stand the strain of the weight of my boobs on my poor neck. It’s painful! Probably why Katy Perry went this route too.

  • My bras constantly ride up in the back but it is damn near impossible to go to a regular dept store and find anything smaller than a 32, especially in larger than a B cup, and I refuse to pay over $60 for a bra that will just misshape and utimately get thrown away. I’m looking at you Victoria’s Secret… you’re expensive bras don’t hold up against a large chest!

    • Yes! I place the blame for women’s confusion over bra sizes squarely on the shoulders of retailers and the very limited range of sizes they offer. Just try going to a store and looking for a bra with band size under 36 that has a cup larger than a D. You can’t find em. Right now I’m wearing a 36 D, but I know that I really need a 34 DDD. But if I go into a department store and ask for that size, they balk and suggest I try a 38 D instead, because they’re “the same”. They are NOT the same.

      Also, I was once measured at a Victoria’s Secret and the sales clerk tried to tell me I was a 38 A. They don’t know what they’re doing.

      And don’t even get me started on how cute bras don’t come in anything larger than a C cup.

  • Okay, first of all, DO NOT ADD FIVE TO YOUR BAND MEASUREMENT. That advice is antiquated, and left over from when women made their own bras, and needed extra fabric for give–seriously DO NOT DO IT. That is, unless you want to wear the wrong size.
    However, with all of the technology available today, there is absolutely NO excuse for wearing the wrong size bra. I’ve provided links at the bottom of this post if you desire further information, as this post is only the tip of the iceberg.


    *Measure with the bra unhooked (or brafree) ABOVE the breasts and under the armpits–NOT BELOW THE BREASTS
    *Has a band that is secure and provides the ENTIRE support of the bra
    *The band should NOT ride up–or even go straight across your back: It should actually dip DOWN to provide full support, as seen in the Wizard of Bras video below.
    *Should start on the loosest hook, then ONLY as the band looses elasticity should you switch to the next tighter set of hooks
    *Should eliminate ALL back fat

    *Measure across the apex of your bust while wearing your best-fitting unpadded bra
    *The cup should FULLY encase your breast, no matter what the style
    *The material between the cups (known as the bridge) should be flat against your breastbone, but not digging in
    *The cups should not wrinkle, sag, or be anything but smooth

    *Should stay up on their own, with little pressure on shoulders.
    *Should hold the cups up, not your breasts up: If the straps dig in, that means they’re providing the support, and not the band–very bad
    *If your straps fall down for any reason it’s the wrong size bra for you, as the band is providing no support

    If you desire a proper fitting, go to a specialty store–no matter what your size. Fittings are usually free, and most stores carry a wide range of bras, in a variety of prices. Tell them your budget, and if they’re worth their salt, they’ll bring you bras in your price range.
    The Wizard of Bras, located in Monrovia, California carries AAA-L cups. Intimacy carries A-K, and has a few stores scattered across the US. If you live in Great Britain, Bravissimo carries D-KK, and from what I’ve heard has amazing customer service. Once you know your size–and one manufacturer’s E cup can be another’s F, or even DDD–you can then buy off of the internet, saving yourself both time and money.

    Breast of luck to you!

    • Useful sites:

      (Sorry, I used my wrong email for the above post.)

    • Apparently, my links post is going to be moderated. Whoops?
      Coming soon, then!

      (Sorry, I used my wrong email for the above post.)

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