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It’s Like Old-Time Brit!

Britney Spears

Britney was seen — where else? — at a Starbucks drive-thru yesterday in L.A.  I was a little worried a few weeks ago when she went back to the crazy hair, but here she looks healthy, normal, and really pretty even with no makeup on!

Keep it up, Brit!  In another few months, you’ll be able to buy that Venti latte without your daddy’s permission!

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  • I’m not one of those people that attack you Wendie but this a truly stupid post.

    She has drank starbucks her entire 10 year career and before that and drove for many many years before her breakdown.

    She is spending time with her children, has a good boyfriend, is touring etc. etc.

    She’s in a great place in her life so stop being stupid and saying that she is going to have another breakdown because she drives and drinks starbucks like 99% of America. When she starts hanging out with Adnan or Sam, then freak out.

    Dumb post.

    • Um, I’m pretty sure the point of the post was to comment on how good she is doing, not saying she is going to have a breakdown because she went to Starbucks.

      And Starbucks drive-thrus are a godsend. :)

  • She looks healthy and happy, thank goodness! And, yes, drive-thru Starbucks are the greatest. And she may or may not be wearing make-up, not sure, but either way, at least she’s gotten over the acne.