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Court Orders Guardian Ad Litem To Oversee Octokids’ Earnings


Back in May, when it seemed like an Octomom reality show was going to become a — well, reality, attorney Gloria Allred and former child star (Mickey Mouse Club) Paul Peterson filed suit to ensure that Nadya Suleman’s children would be properly compensated and that a third party would oversee those monies.  Suleman protested, citing family privacy and accusing Allred and Peterson of self-promoting.  

Yesterday, a judge heard the case and ruled that a guardian ad litem would be assigned to monitor the funds being paid to the children.  Each child will be paid $250 on any day that cameras are filming for the still-unnamed show.  No word on how much Nadya is being paid for her role.

Suleman was asked how she felt after the ruling — “indifferent” — but am I the only one who doesn’t really care about all that?  I’m just simply amazed at how awesome she looks after giving birth to fourteen kids.

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  • She’s wearing a gurdle.

    Nice ( @ Y @ )s she has. Though they won’t last much longer!

    I’d like to see more of Beets tits!

  • Can’t stand this woman!! She had it all planned from the get go…Use the kiddies for $$$$ and I’m sure she’s had work done…can we say fake boobs much? (personally that doesn’t bother me except I’m sure my tax dollars helped pay for them) “blech she makes me sick!”

  • Girdle or no girdle, she looks great. I cannot believe she gave birth to 8 kids six months ago.

  • If she’s earning money she needs to be off our welfare rolls, WIC, nannies, foodstamps and medical for her brats. That has to cease immediately, she can’t be a welfare abuser costing the taxpayers millions and earn money off those kids too. Frankly I am elated she is going to be earning money, she doesn’t qualify for anymore leeching off of us – the beleaguered taxpayer she has burdened to the tune of 3 million dollars so far. Twunt. Hate her.

  • I guess I’m the only one who’s noticed how absolutely MISERABLE that poor kid looks. And she’s dragging him along like luggage, which is probably how she thinks of them. Hate her. Hate her.

    • That looks like the tram loading area at Disneyland. Maybe he’s miserable because he just saw the line…