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Ginger Spice Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Uses Boyfrend Like a Human Shield

Geri's Wardrobe Malfunction

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell stood behind boyfriend Henry Beckwith to block her bod from the paps at a polo match while she readjusted her misbehaving dress. Her beau seems to be a good sport about it, but the photos look ridiculous. Check out the gallery below!

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  • I before E….learned that little gem in about 3rd grade.

    Not only “shield”, but hello??? “boyfriend.

    Typo in the post I would forgive, but two of them in the title?
    Come on, don’t you check and triple check (espec you’re first weekend), or are you just ignorant of the rules of English spelling and grammar?

    • I find this comment hilarious, Susan, because right before accusing Molly of being ~ignorant of the rules of English spelling and grammar~ you incorrectly used the word “you’re” instead of “your”

      :) :)

  • ha ha!! i was so horrified by the misspelling of shield that i totally missed “boyfrend”. i must be slipping. =)