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It Looks Like Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is In Big Trouble


Law enforcement officials raided the Houston office of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray.  According to a representative of the physician’s attorney, the DEA was looking for evidence of manslaughter.

“This (raid) was unexpected to us [as opposed to the ever-popular scheduled raid],” Miranda Sevcik, a rep for Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff, tells PEOPLE. “All this drama is just not necessary, is how we feel. Ed’s not dismayed about it. He’s just trying to figure out what’s going on. But he’s not worried about it.” 

“The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death, we share that goal,” says Chernoff in a statement posted on his firm’s Web site. “We don’t have access to the most important information in this case … the toxicology report. We’re still in the dark like everybody else.” 

So, 15 vehicles worth of police officers, DEA agents and detectives just showed up this morning with a search warrant in hand.  They took 21 documents and a forensic image of a hard drive with them.  According to a source,  “They are looking for Propofol, along with anything else they find. But Propofol is the big one.” 

I think it’s a fairly safe bet that the good doctor will be receiving visitors at his Nevada office, too.  I also think that someone is going to serve jail time before this is over.

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  • The only thing this guy did wrong was to be the last one in line when M.J.’s lotto number came up. He’ll be the fall guy, I’m sure, but I would have been glad to shoot up Jackson for 150k a month, plus expenses.

  • Propofol? That’s deep!!!!!! You don’t give that to people in their homes! You give that to people on a f*&^&(* breathing machine, with defribulators and sh*& all around and hundreds of doctors and nurses! If this doctor was giving this to MJ, he is in deep trouble. He’ll lose his license and go to jail. And be known forever as the dude that killed Michael Jackson.

  • Wouldn’t it have been a better plan to raid the offices at the SAME TIME? That was they can’t dispose of stuff, right? Especially since Nevada was the next-closest office outside of CA.
    Anyone catch the article on MSN that emphasized the doc not being a person of interest or for lack of a better word, um, a saint? Wierd.

  • Why weren’t these offices raided weeks ago…before the good doc had the chance to toss everything related to MJ and propofol? Meh.

  • Good! He deserves to be in trouble. Just because Michael wanted the stuff, did not mean he had to give it to him. All of the doctors who gave in the Michael’s demands need to be brought up on charges. It is unethical to prescibe medication for someone without a medical reason. Maybe with the Anna Nicole Smith situation and this one being berought to light, greedy, star struck doctors might think twice before whipping out the old scrip pad and fueling someone’s addictions.