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“I definitely had a thing with Kristen.  Your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number.”

Robert Pattinson, confirming to Bop magazine that he had some sort of interaction with his Twilight co-start Kristen Stewart that extended beyond on-camera vampiring.

Now that this burning question has been answered, can I return to not caring?

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  • They actually are together currently. She dumped her bozo of a boyfriend early this year and has been shacking up with Pattinson since.

    • I’d like to know how you are so sure about them being together. Where have you found out? I’m very curious since all the dating rumors I’ve heard this far have been either ridiculous or annulled. I want more information. :D

  • thank you for making it perfectly clear to all interested (that’s why we come to this site, right? we must be somewhat interested in this stuff!) that the shit you write about on a daily basis could not be any more boring to you. your passion for your work is inspiring.

      • She said that this issue bores her.
        Idon’t know about you, but I come to snarky gossip blogs for the opinions.
        Including those of people who don’t likeTwilight, believe it or not.

        How does one even kiss a mouth breather? I picture saliva everywhere…

      • Emmxa, my last post was in AGREEMENT with yours. Sorry, it’s not clear.
        I was just so boggled that anyones “first impulse” is to ask for the number of the creepy, unwashed girl who sits in the JrHigh cafeteria writing all over her arms that I couldn’t write properly…

      • Ha – WORD Zelda.
        I just want to make both them have a shower, and then give them a tutorial on how one uses a hairbrush.

  • I love him! And if she didn´t want a relationship with him than…it is definitely her lost.

  • He’s admitting it because she’s his beard. This dude is gay. And not attractive. AND, needs to eat a damn sandwich.

    And fyi, you have some seriously bitter followers…wtf?

  • he’s one of those people who either look really good somedays or really bad on others. there’s no in between with him. it’s either hit hard or miss out completely.

  • If you go to the source for this story, you’ll see that Robert admits that he had a crush on Kristen at one point, but not that they were ever together.

  • Uh, these are all old quotes, like 9 months old in fact. BOP just featured recycled quotes on their article, since he never gave them an exclusive interview. R & K are together, though.

  • This is the first good picture I have seen of him, i couldnt understand why everyone thought he was sooo freakin hot, but this picture is kinda doin somethin for me :)

  • Yes, you can return to not caring. What’s more, you can give up your poor writing and endless whining, and get a life, because I’m sick of reading how bored with your own writing you are.
    If you are not interested in what you’re doing, get the hell out of this blog and find another job. Start selling ice-cream or something. You totally, absolutely make me vomit.

    Beet and Kelly are MUCH, MUCH better in their worst moments than you are EVER going to be.
    I’m gonna say this the way you should really understand: YOU SUCK, BITCH.

    • Exactly. Wendie complaining all the time ticks me off. Why else has the movie grossed almost $400 million if people didn’t care enough?

  • I don’t get the appeal of Kristen…

    She looks ok in Twilight, though the acting is horrible from both main characters, but she looks like a hobo in every other picture I’ve seen.