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Welcome to the Tribe, Ivanka!


Ivanka Trump is officially a dirty Jew. She converted to the religion in order for boy-toy Jared Kushner’s family to allow them to get engaged.

“Jared is my best friend for many reasons,” the heiress said. “I’ve allowed him to see who I truly am and he still loves me. I don’t feel like I have any defensive walls built up around me … He’s a bit of a hero of mine. His ability to remain focused – he lacks an anxiety that’s natural for someone his age handed so much responsibility.”

You can kinda-sorta get a look at Ivanka’s bling in these photos from the Whitney Museum’s party on Friday, and then I stole this close-up from People. Um … not too shabby, ‘vanks! MAZEL TOV! Now that you’re Jewish, how’s about a little Tzedakah? I’ll settle for 10% of your net wealth. It’ll please our God, I promise. And I’ve been negotiating with him for a lot longer than you.


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  • Wow, I can’t believe you described anyone as “dirty” especially when you consider how many people in Hollywood are Jewish and this is a most celebrity oriented blog. That’s quite the racist slur, kudos – what next a heil hitler salute? That pretty lead sentence pretty much guarantees you won’t be invited to any events, and if you feel that way you should probably sit them out and stay home, for everyone’s safety. Wow.

    Best wishes to the happy couple.

    • I think Beet has openly admitted that she’s a Jew and that she’s DIRTY in the past. I only wish she’d said that Ivanka was now a “money grubbing jew”. Sounds much more appropriate.

  • jinxy, she’ll tell you it’s okay to make a joke like that because she’s jewish herself and it’s acceptable to make jokes about your own religion. personally, i disagree and don’t think it’s appropriate or acceptable. it only serves to further stereotypes and makes others think it’s acceptable to make the same jokes.

  • Come on guys, get a sense of humor!! Beet was clearly joking.

    But, here is my question: why do Jewish men insist their women convert? Sacha and Isla, etc. My sister dated a Jewish guy whom she totally loved. She had to break it off when he kept INSISTING that she convert to Judaism. He said he could never marry a non-Jew. She was raised Christian and she wasn’t willing to throw away a lifetime of believing that Jesus was the son of Christ.

    Whatever happened to, “you have your beliefs and I will have mine. Our children will chose their beliefs when they are old enough”? I totally don’t understand why people have to change their soul for someone else. If you really LOVE someone, you love them for WHO THEY ARE.

      • Ohh, you know what I meant. It all gets so confusing with the holy trinity thing…my question is why force someone to change?

      • Whatever their respective religions, I say, fuck both of them. To me, they both look like the kind of smug, money oriented people who would sell themselves and whatever God they believe in for ten dollars.

  • I agree with you Lisa. If you can’t marry a none Jew then don’t date/fuck a non Jew in the first place. And I’m so impressed by Ivanka’s faith in whatever religion it was she converted from. It was so powerful and abiding yet in order to keep a hold on some fucker who looks like he would be a dime a dozen she drops her creator like a used rubber. We all know now what she is about. Money and status. I used to like her but now she has gone the way of her father. (Donald that is) “Our Father” like I said has now been kicked to the curb. “Oy, a broch” you bitch!

  • I don’t really care much for the Trumps, but gosh she is the most stunningly beautiful and elegant woman.

  • Wow. How disrespectual to right something like that. Kidding or not thats so rude. Also, all religions have traditions that people who dont belong to them think are rediculous. I personally think that people in general should be more tolerant of each other and cut the b.s.

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