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Jon Gosselin, Whorin it Up

Jon Gosselin Goes on Dinner Date with Mystery Blonde Who Appears to be Having a Stroke

Jon and an unknown blonde went out for dinner and a stroll last night in NYC, jut hours after Jon met up with Kate and the kids for a TLC photo shoot.

I’m not usually of the opinion that a man and a woman  are crossing streams just because they’ve gone out to dinner together–I am neither The Huffington Post, nor the Ayatollah.

However, this is Midlife Crisis Gosselin we’re talking about here, and the blonde’s body language speaks volumes– approximately 750mL of liquid volume, the size of a bottle of Stolichnaya. Correct my translation if I’m wrong, but she seems to be saying, “I’m drunk and shameless.”

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  • Where does he get these girls?

    Girlfriend, touch up those roots and chop off that dead hair! You have fried it beyond belief.

    These pictures are just too good by the way. Definitely drunk and shameless.

  • Anyone else think it’s more than ironic that they’re getting out of a cab w/a “Flashdancers Gentleman’s Club” sign on top? Kind of appropriate for the amount of class coming out of that cab… ie: none.

  • I’m starting to feel little sorry for John. Even your headlines – John Whoring it Up compared to Lady Gaga’s Mystery Makeout seems skewed. I mean, John and Kate are clearly just waiting for the finalization of their divorce while Lada Gaga is/was in a relationship. How many celebrities with children end up divorced? 99%? When the men go out, they’re scum. When the women score a younger lad, it’s all good.

  • Go for it Jon, you deserve it. We’re rooting for you and hope you are enjoying your freedom from the confines of hell. Just ignore the haters, they don’t know what you’ve been through like those of us close to you buddy!!

    • If ou are his buddy, I hope that you tell him to remember the impact of his actions on his children, who he is supposedly so concerned about. What his kids really want is an intact family with parents who love each other and are committed not just to making money for their new lifestyle but who have a strong, healthy bond.

      Did Jon do what he could to insure that that happened, or did he just cave in to his abusive wife because she was the stronger character?

      “Freedom from the confines of hell” doesn’t have to mean getting wasted with young women who have criminal records and are substance abusers. That’s just walking into a new hell. If this is his second adolescence, then he’s dragging eight innocent children down with him and they don’t deserve that.

      If you’re his friend, help him to develop a wise sense of priorities, or he’s going to go down a very ugly road all on his own steam, with no Kate to blame it on. How long will anyone have sympathy with his getting wasted with young women as the only way to free himself from Kate?

      Soon it will become clear what his real character is – a self-indulgent, immature man who doesn’t care how much pain he inflicts on his children while he claims to have their best interests at heart. There’s only so long he can hide behind the excuse of his crazy ex-wife. Although I guess Alec Baldwin has done it for years, so why shouldn’t Jon?

      • You’re an idiot. Did you send Kate your love offering this month? She needs it now more than ever.
        A drunk, drugged out Jon is still better than Kate on her best day.

  • From the look of all the girls he’s going out with, Kate is by far the best looking woman he’s been with (in his adult age).

    • Time for him to FINALLY throw Kate under the bus. She’s had People Magazine slamming him for months. His turn. Go Jon!

  • Depressed and a tad nauseated. That’s how all the Gosselin gossip leaves me feeling.

    Eight little kids left at home with child-care pros while both parents get rich off of them and leave them the majority of the time while proclaiming that they want what’s best for their children.

    The kids have no contact with their grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts or old family friends because of their mother’s compulsive need for control and to escape from everyone, including her husband, who reminds her of her trailer-park upbringing.

    Dad gets drunk and stoned with his young girlfriends and Mom gets paid to sign books for fans who she doesn’t want touching her, to the point of having a bodyguard who insures that they don’t get too near (or is he out of the picture too? Another loss for the kids, who were fond of him.)

    Dad has his bachelor pad which is too small for the kids to stay in in New York and Mom leaves them alone most of the month to be with strangers who she is revolted by.

    And all of the money that they are making from the children? It’s all being spent by Mom and Dad. I’m counting the minutes until the family is ruptured again by the kids’ tell-all books and lawsuits against their parents.

    There will be the kids who are angry and hurt (Mady) and the ones who will cling to Kate (Hannah) and the ones who are stuck in the middle. Is there no one to protect these kids from their parents?

  • I’m glad it’s just a photo op with a Star Reporter, he’s looking so sleezy right right. I do think he is in a relationship with Drunky McPlastered, and this was just Jon being supid and not thinking about the consequences of his actions, AGAIN.

    I’m just pissed they’ve made over three million dollars and there is no college fun for the kids, they should be putting 1/3 of that money away for the kids to share, they earn it and they deserve to have the money for their future – they are working, they need to be paid. I think it’s wrong to force children to worked and not save that money for them.

  • Please…..end the Gosselins’ 15 minutes of fame. Ignore this idiot and his soon-to-be ex-nag.