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Well Look Who’s a Senator!

Comedian Al Franken FINALLY won his battle for the Minnesota senate seat, and he’s now been a senator for all of five days. He made his big debut today at the confirmation hearing for SCOTUS judge Sonia Sotomayor … by making stupid jokes about Perry Mason. I hope he gets a whole lot funnier in the coming months — I was expecting better, yo!

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  • Wait… Beet’s actually writing on her own gossip blog today and it’s not about Lindsay Lohan? I hope she gets back to being kinda funny and actually writing on her own site again. What is this, Perez Hilton? – I was expecting better, yo!

  • Sotomayor has had to defend her record to a complete racist and failed federal court nominee Jeff Sessions, who at one time chastised an attorney IN COURT as traitor to his race because he was white and most of his clients were black. The fact that Sessions is even on that committee is a farce, he should have worn his Klan garb and paraded around the hearings, he would have been more honest if he had. Who voted for that cretin?

    I do feel for Franken, the fact that it took so long to get the certificate is criminal. I think he’ll do a good job once he settles in, remember he’s almost 7 months behind where he should have been by now. This blog is plenty funny but it’s one of the few that is intelligent as well as funny, and Lohan is joke worthy and there are few days when she’s not joke worthy – she lives Lohan and that’s always good for a laugh. Keep doing what you are doing, there is plenty to laugh about and there is nothing wrong with putting up a think piece at all, right now there is much to think about, might as well have some laughs at the same time.

    • You do feel for Franken and think he’ll do a good job? Hey, better hurry, I think you’re late for your shock therapy appointment.

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