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Yep, Scream 4 is Happening


It looks like Deputy Riley and Gale Weathers are reuniting at least one more time for the fourth installation in the Scream franchise.  Screenwriter Kevin Williamson is working on the script now and according to David Arquette, “hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”  Williamson has claimed that Neve Campbell has declined the chance to revive her role — because she’s busy with somany other projects — but Arquette said “I hope Neve does it. I really hope so.”

Really, much more surprising than the announcement of this newest sequel is the fact that I think this picture depicts the most normal ensemble I’ve ever seen David Arquette wear.  Ever.

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  • I am wondering when he got taller than her… seriously she used to stand a good 4 inches taller than him.

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  • Yay! Kevin Williamson can make up for not writing the script for Scream 3, which sucked beyond the telling of it. Loved the first two though.

  • Sure…Neve Campbell is doing so many other projects. Where is that happening? Are they planning on shooting it in 1997?

  • Yesssss! Is it sad that I am really excited about this? I just love the scream movies, they are really cheesy but so entertaining.