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Levi Johnston Wouldn’t Vote For Sarah Palin

In Levi Johnston’s continuing attempt to extend his long-expired fifteen minutes of fame, he spoke at a press conference last Thursday in which he claimed that Sarah Palin resigned for financial reasons. 

Johnston recounted tales of the Palin family lamenting their inability to accept book and reality television deals due to Sarah’s political obligations.  He believes that is the motivating force behind Palin’s hasty departure from government.

Levi — and this dude’s only accomplishment has been to sperminate a politician’s teenage daughter, but he is working on some book and acting deals — has withdrawn his support for Sarah Palin, claiming he wouldn’t vote for her in a presidential race after she abandoned Alaska.

If that weren’t enough, he appeared on the Today Show where he basically said all the same stuff.  You can watch that here.

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  • He was caught illegally working to pay for the baby and has envy and resentment of becoming a responsible adult.. then there’s the little boo-boo with his doping parents arrested; and many accounts of his being not so nice a guy, even tho the Palin’s tried to make him welcome, and to help him.. issues. Who cares whom he would vote for after statutory rape of the minor lady in question.

    • He was in high school when he was living with and sharring a bed with the daughter with Palins full permission. The daughter SHOULD have been able to get an abortion but her fundie mother forced her to keep the kid.

      What did all of you people have under your belt in HIGH SCHOOL?

      The didnt try to help that guy. They tried to help THEMSELVES by forcing the kids to get engaged for the benefit of her political “career”

      This red neck can help what HIS mother does just about as much as Brillow Pad or wheverthefuck her name is can help her own mother being a rabid cunt with no gumption to stay and finish ANY job in ANY office that she has been appointed to.

      You can shove that statutory rape right up your ignorant ass. TODD PALIN helped the fucker mover into his daughters bedroom. They gave that guy their daughters pussy on a silver platter.

      • An abortion???? I DONT THINK SO! Too many people think abortion is a solution because a baby would inconvenience their lives. It would be different if the Palin family couldn’t afford it and if they were not helping their daughter. They should have given her a sex talk and the pill in the first place, but once she was already pregnant she could either give the child up for adoption or raise it with the help of her family like she is doing.

  • The best way to help Alaska and the USA is working with the senate, house and surpeme court in Washington., let’s see how that works out.

  • I hate to admit it – but I think the kid is probably right.

    As for her “abandoning Alaska”, well it’s not like she was actually running it. They had to hire someone to actaully manage it and do her job, because of her lack of experience. True story.

    But hey – she was good arm candy for Mr. McCain while it lasted!