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Emma Watson Hopes Her College Roommate Isn’t a Harry Potter Fan


Heh. Harry Potter star Emma Watson starts school at Columbia University in the fall, and her only request? “As long as there are no Harry Potter posters on the wall, I will be fine and happy,” she says. Emma will be going all-out and living in the dorms, and she’s hoping she gets a roommate who isn’t a big Harry Potter fan.

But co-star Daniel Radcliffe hopes otherwise. “I really hope they are a really massive Harry Potter fan,” he joked. “I hope you walk in and the first thing you see is your face on a duvet.”

Mostly, I’m cracking up over the fact that Daniel Radcliffe said “duvet.” I’ve known adult men with families who couldn’t come up with the word “comforter” when describing bedding, let alone “duvet.” I guess it’s a British thing. Still. I think it’s funny.

But hopefully Emma will have a fabulous roommate at Columbia, and hopefully she’ll manage to stick the whole NYC college thing out for more than a year, unlike the Olsens. I think college sounds like a really good idea in theory, but when you’re stuck in your dorm room trying to catch up on 100 pages of American History for your exam tomorrow as your former peers are walking the red carpet and tossing back champagne, it suddenly gets a lot less appealing.

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  • Duvet is what we call it in England. It’s not a children’s thing, it’s just the word for it. I don’t understand, why is it funny?

    • I think she means she finds it impressive that Radcliffe (and by extension all British men) knows the correct term for that particular item of bed linen. She thinks the typical American man would just say “puffy blanket on top” or “sheet thingy” or something.

    • If it’s stuffed full of feathers, men here in Canada call it a duvet. Do Americans not use that word at all?

    • Yeah, we know. Beet was just saying that it might be a “British thing” to grow up calling what American men may know as a comforter, a duvet. So it would be much more common place for him to use that term, and it would give her a little chuckle picturing a 20 something boy use duvet to describe bedding while an American boy would typically say “that cover thingy on top”.

  • I don’t think I’d want my roommate to be a Harry Potter fan if I was her. It’d be kinda weird.

    Also, I just want to add that I love your writing Beet and I can totally tell when its you without even checking because your posts aren’t unnecessarily mean. Yay Beet.

  • I think she will stick it out. From a lot of her quotes and interviews it seems she is pretty burned out by the whole acting thing right now, so maybe she needs a big change of pace? She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so best of luck to her!

    • That’s what I thought too!

      I read in a Yahoo article she’s going to Brown.

      Hahha, am I the only one who is totally jealous of whoever will be her roommate?

  • Why is she not going to a British Uni? D:
    Also, what on Earth do you guys call duvets in America? o:

    • Comforters or duvets. People who don’t know or use either term would most likely refer to it as the covers or the top blanket or something along those lines.

      I dunno why she isn’t going to school in Britain, maybe she thought it was a good time to try living somewhere new? I did that. Granted, I didn’t get to go to school in another country but I did move over 3,000 miles away to the opposite coast!

      • If it’s stuffed with feathers, it’s a duvet. I come from a cold climate, duvets are a must up here.

      • I come from a cold climate too and generally we called them comforters. We did also call them duvets but most of the time, no matter their stuffing, it was a comforter.

    • I know it’s stupid but I feel a bit betrayed that she isn’t going to a British uni… The British education system is good and our top unis are very well respected. I just think that if someone that high-profile chose a British uni it would send out a good message about them but OF COURSE she has to make the best decision for her.

      Maybe she feels like there would be less HP hype in America?

  • It’s definitely a European thing! When I was there for a semester every hotel I stayed in used a duvet cover, so I imagine our man Daniel would be used to them. However, the boys on my trip tried using them as sleeping bags the first night because they had no idea what they were…

  • First of all, it states in Beet’s article that Emma is going to Columbia.

    Second, I hope she gets a hot lesbian as a roommate who spends her time trying to get in her pants.

  • I’m Canadian and I’ve always called it a duvet. That is if it’s a feather-type quilt that you put in a sheet cover and zip/button/velcro up. Even the sheet covers are called “duvet covers” in the stores here. I call a “comforter” one of those covers that are all-in-one, that you just throw in the washer.

    • Exactly. When it drops to -30 at night, a duvet is all you need (although we keep ours on the bed year round, in July, 19 becomes cold).

    • Geez, all this attention on duvets. With a comforter you use a sheet, with a duvet, no sheet (top sheet). Some people call them puffs too :)

  • Can we quit this business with duvets and comforters? Why don’t we focus on the fact that some lucky Brown University or Columbia University Student has Emma Watson as a room mate. Wow. How cool would that be? To show up in your dorm room, sit down, get your stuff situated, look over at the next bed and it’s Emma Watson!!!?!?!?!? I’M jealous! BTW I like her dress. She’s so pretty.

  • The dress is awful.

    Her room mate will undoubtedly be a Harry Potter fan- everyone is a Harry Potter fan.

    In Australia, the duvet/comforter is called a Doona.

    I shit you not.

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  • I just want to know: how did she get INTO Brown? Hasn’t acting been her main focus the last few years? Not to say she isn’t smart (I really like her a lot), but you have to have a good ‘background’ in education for an Ivy League school.

    • she has been private schooled which gives her alot of credit when aplying to ivy league if she is going to columbia i might c her i start in the fall 2

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