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I Need Some Television, People.

God, there is hardly anything on television during the summer and I’m losing my mind over it.  How do I fill my hours each evening?  Will I have to resort to … reading? 

The Television Editor over at Boston Now (as well as the author of a great column titled “Two Tivos to Paradise”) pretty much keeps me up to date on what summer shows premiere and when.  It’s pretty helpful, since I don’t know how to work my program guide or my DVR.  

Speaking of summer shows, I do have one favorite returning on July 21st — Hell’s Kitchen Season 6.  See video above of ex-Marine Joseph asking Gordon Ramsay if he wants to step outside.  I hope Gordon shoves a John Dory up this guy’s rectum.

Unfortunately, reality television will never be what it was when it was just a novelty.  Back then, people just were themselves, but then came the Omarosas of the world and now everyone secures an agent before they appear on these shows. 

Anyway, that’s enough for today.  I’m off to read.  Or … needlepoint.  Gag.

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  • I highly recommend the final season of Monk on the USA network, it starts august seventh at 10. It is one of my favorite mystery/comedy shows!

  • Watch True Blood. The unintentional hilarity, ridiculous plot lines, and this one smokin’ hot blond vampire make it quite worth it.

    • Don’t forget the uber-gorgeous vampires, shapeshifters and guys in general…

      <3 Eric, Bill, Jason and Sam <33333

      • Personally, I think the books are outright retarded, and the show isn’t far off itself. However: Eric. Eric is pretty.

      • Why watch it then? Surely you can find plenty of Alexander Skarsgård elsewhere without having to suffer through such a “retarded” show.

  • I’m sure I’m gunna get tons o shit for saying this. And I get it because a couple of years ago my husband started watching this show & I was not interested at all. And complained about it for a couple of episodes. Then I got hooked on all the stupidity!! The show is Big Brother & it starts again tonight & I’m pretty excited for it. We are so embarrassingly addicted that we even have Showtime now so we can watch Big Brother After Dark. Which is just a live feed from the house that’s on every night from 11-2 that we fall asleep to.

      • Wow, they used to air that in the UK at night on the free channels. Although from what I watched it was mostly people sleeping or wandering around the house.

  • Are you asking for shows to watch? Not sure if it will be on in repeats this summer, but A&E’s “Breaking Bad” was by far the best show on tv this whole winter. Great acting, weird premise – right up your alley- black humor. and total incompetence. It has been on two seasons and is expected back next year. If the writing, acting and other components are as good next year, it will definitely walk away with an emmy. A&E has some of the best programming on the tube.

  • “the tudors” is my suggestion. while a far cry from historically accurate, it’s pretty to look at and jonathan rhys myers gets naked alot. ’nuff said.

  • Right now the only shows I’m watching are True Blood and Reno 911. Also I checked out HBO’s new series Hung and liked the pilot episode.
    I would like to add that I find Gordan Ramsay one of the hottest Scotts ever! So sexy and talented, yummy….

  • Sadly, I admit to being a Big Brother fan as well … can’t really explain it but it’s good entertainment for me and my 10 yr old daughter :) We watch it together then talk about the interpersonal dynamics … hey, at least we are talking! It’s my thing with her – reality TV. Hey, this will be a great memory for her (and me!) when she grows up. It’s not brain food, but it’s kinda fun!

  • This is Big Brother #11 and I have watched most of the ten that have come before but it is on 3 hours a week on network primetime alone, not counting over 20 hours a week of live cable feed. Mon and Tues also have some good 1st run shows on TNT with some established stars like Holly Hunter, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kyra Sedgwick, plus the second season of a new Steven Bochco series.

  • I recommend getting a Netflix account and watching all the seasons of Weeds! Great show. Also, The Office is pretty addicting if you can make it through the first season.

  • I have also been going nuts without anything decent to watch on TV! But at least there’s Weeds and Nurse Jackie, both are excellent and funny. And there’s actually a show on ABC Family that’s pretty good – Greek. I can’t believe I actually enjoy watching a show about Fraternities and Sororities! It’s not playing new episodes right now but you can probably catch repeats, or just rent the DVDs. Is there anything else starting soon?

  • This summer I have been annoyed by the lack of shows to watch.

    Normally cable would start all their summer shows in June and I had great stuff to watch.

    (The Closer, Burn Notice, Psych, Monk, Mad Men, Saving Grace, Rescue Me… and my new favorite Sons of Anarchy)

    But this year they are screwing with their starting times… and then only showing half the season… so they can save it to randomly run the second half in January 2010.

    So a few of them started in June… then there are a couple this month… a couple more next month. And it is just ridiculous.

    So I feel your pain of lack of nightly shows to watch.

  • Others have complained about Beet not writing as much and I just thought I’d drop a note and say that you’re doing fantastic Wendie! I know you have your hands full with the site, and you are making it look incredibly easy. Keep up the good work!!

  • Oh my goodness. You are missing out sister. I’m not even a big TV junkie but a few great shows are on right now — True Blood, for starters, is completely addicting. Rescue Me, which I believe employs the best writers in Hollywood, is hilarious and heartbreaking all in one breath. Weeds never disappoints for a laugh… and please tell me you watch Entourage, hello Vinnie Chase, which premieres Sunday.

  • My own favs are: True Blood, Nurse Jackie, Weeds, In Plain Sight, The Closer, Army Wives and of course Harper’s Island! Oh yeah, Royal Pains, too!