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Workaholic Lindsay Makes Another Excellent Career Decision


I’ve cracked the code.  I’ve finally figured out how Lindsay Lohan’s brain works.  Basically, every belief that Lindsay holds is the opposite of reality.  In her pickled brain, dead-end relationships and cocaine and bad tanner are all components of success.  She utilizes the same processing for selecting movie roles. 

Linds was approached about the stripper role   — she would have been a natural — in the movie The Hangover.  When she was presented with the screenplay, she turned it down because she felt the part “had no potential.”  Once the movie developed into a script, director Todd Phillips offered Lohan the role after heavy lobbying by her agent.  Again, she said she didn’t like the script.  Did I mention that The Hangover is a summer blockbuster and has made, like, millions and millions of dollars?

Working on my theory of LL’s “Opposite World” brain, I think she can save her career and her life by just doing anything that seems like a bad idea to her.

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  • Didn’t George decide to do this in “Seinfeld”? “I’ll do the opposite of whatever I normally do, because so far, things haven’t been working out.”

    He ordered a different type of sandwich at the diner and told a statuesque blonde “I’m unemployed and live with my parents!” She giggled and clutched at his arm.

    I think this was also the episode where Elaine lost her job and was wearing schlumpy clothes and wailed “I’m turning into George!”

  • I can’t believe she’s only 23. Who is she? With this start there’s so much more to do.

  • No body loves you when youre 23
    Whats my age again?
    Whats my age again?

    Shes flailin just like the blink song.

  • For once I’m with Lindsay on this one. She played a stripper in that last HORRIBLE movie and websites like this riped her to shreds. I’m sure she’s thinking “No more stripper roles I don’t want to be type cast.” Hindsight is 20/20

  • am with lindsay too on that one. that part was played by heather graham whos star fizzled out a decade ago. i mean the part really had no potential, and who is gonna remember graham from that movie? this made me feel quite optimistic about lohans career again. at least she is not jumping to do any old crap. she is far more of a legit talent than graham. hold out for the good stuff linds!

  • Consider this. If Lindsay had been in “The Hangover”, it might not have made millions and millions because she would have… What’s the word… Sucked!