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Will Mariah And Eminem Just Get a Room And Get It Over With?

Mariah Carey


I, for one, have had it with these two. 

Eminem has played answering machine tapes of Mariah from when they briefly dated, told a radio station that he pissed on her, and referred to her in his song “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

See Mariah above, filming the video for her new song “Obsessed.”  Is there any doubt that she’s spoofing Em?

I’m so sick of both of them.

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    • I agree, that’s the most hideous tranny attempt I’ve ever seen! Well, one of.
      How childish…
      Eminem’s gonna win anyway :p

      • That’s the weakest attempt to look like Eminem I’ve ever seen. Fred Durst, more like. And who wants to look like that douche??
        Anyway, look how far bitching about Eminem got Aristotle/Ken Kaniff. Not very.

  • She looks like that dude Chi Chi from Daisy of Love. I might be the only one watching that though, so you probably have no idea who I’m talking about.

  • lmao… Eminem is gonna love it!!! she looks ridiculous, but i guess now she and her idiot husband are gonna use Eminem’s song to get some attention.. But ah well, i’m sure Em is gonna laugh his head off with it anyway.

  • Actually, to me she looks more like a white(ish?) 50 Cent. Beard, stubble, baseball cap. Of course it’d be hard to have her look like a guy without facial hair, so they had to distinguish it some how I guess.

  • I don’t believe Em has ever rocked a goatee in all the years he’s been in the biz…Anyone else? Aand oh man..Mariah has NEVER been reall easy on the eye her entire career. I take that back, she looked good when she first came into the biz before all the plastic took over…

    • look you idiots it is fake you must be stupid if you think its i think it is time yall take a little closer look at the picture if you can clearly see it is mariha pretending to be marshall now tell me did that anwser your question good because i hope you idots get the massage

  • I don’t care what Mariah and Eminem are doing. I just know the Bruno ad on every picture really, really bothers me! Is it just me or everydoby sees it?