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Isn’t Anna Kournikova A Little Old For This?


Anna Kournikova, the most highly overrated tennis player that we only know of because she’s marginally attractive, got into a brawl this weekend in Vegas. 

At Lavo Nightclub, some drunk chick pushed Anna early in the night and then threw a drink on her later.  When Anna demanded the patron be thrown out, a cat fight ensued that left Kournikova with scratches around her neck.  Instead of resorting to punches, she should have just started doing some of those grunts that the female tennis players do — those things scare the hell out of me.

I think we all have a responsibility to diffuse potentially violent situations.  When some boozy floozy throws a drink on me, I just start sucking my clothes, quite honestly.  Why waste free drinks?

Anyway, Anna’s fine, I don’t care, but I do have a question:  Is she married to, divorced from, or dating Enrique Iglesias?  I’m supposed to know these things and I cannot seem to unravel this mystery!

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  • I think one of them stated (I want to say him) that they would never get married… but maybe I imagined that.. at any rate, they aren’t married.
    and LOL@sucking my clothes… heheheee

  • Wendie– you are still the funniest on the web, girl!! You rock. Nothing against Sasha, but I prefer your posts a million times more :-) This needs to be the Evil Wendie site.

    • Lisa. Lisa. Lisa. While I agree that Wendie does a very good job, there would be no Wendie w/o Sasha. Sasha is the original and will ALWAYS be the best!!!

      • Aaawww, you guys are so loyal! Like I said, nothing against Sasha. But, I totally think Wendie is the better blogger…sorry.

    • Wendie and Kelly are great but this will always be ‘Beet City’. Wendie, I have to disagree. I think Anna is the finest creature to ever walk this planet. FYI – She has multiple Grand Slam doubles titles. In her day she was a quality player on the women’s tour.

  • I love Anna I think she is a beautiful woman with one of the best butt’s I have EVER seen. If I seen somebody toss a drink on her I would gladly suck it off her.

  • You mean that Enrique Iglesias didn’t show up during the fight screaming
    “I can be your hero baby”???

  • I think i have an alcohol problem considering i thought the sentence “When Anna demanded the patron be thrown out”…was really “When Anna demanded the Patron (as in tequila) be thrown out”.

  • I dunno what planet you’re from but a drunk bitch throwing a drink on me is gonna get knocked the fuck out!

  • To put it slightly less ferociously than Trini, if someone in a club pushed me and threw a drink on me and security didn’t do their job and eject her, then how do you expect me to diffuse the violence? Should Anna just have stood there and taken it? Not really…

    And she was a good tennis player. She just wasn’t in the same league as the Williams sisters, but then, who is?

    • Until they smile…

      Haha, they don’t really look that much alike.. they’re both blonde. Google image it.

  • When some boozy floozy throws a drink on me, I just start sucking my clothes, quite honestly. Why waste free drinks?


  • Everytime I read a comment about Anna being an overrated tennis player I get irritated. Please don’t forget that she was the number one ranked doubles player and ranked #8 in the world in singles when she was just 16 years old. What were you doing when you were 16? I know I was playing tennis everyday hoping to qualify for states, while Anna was the 8th best player in the World. Not to mention she brought much needed media attention to women’s tennis at a time when it was needed the most.

  • She played up her own looks and tried to use that to gain attention and get endorsements, and it ended up backfiring on her. However, she is (or was) a pretty decent tennis player. I saw Anna play in a doubles tournament a few years ago, and she was awesome. She was totally focused on the game despite the men whistling and catcalling her throughout, and she and her partner won.

  • Thank you Wendie for acknowledging that Anna is marginally attractive. It always annoyed the hell out of me when some people think she is hot or beautiful. Truth is some people just notice the bleached hair and hot body. Her face is nothing special. Actually, she’s a butterface. Her jaw and chin are seriously busted. I bet she was walking around that club like she’s God’s gift to men and some drunk bitch called her on it.

  • Who cares? Let’s talk about that gorgeous dress and how fantastic it looks on her. Absolutely perfect!