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DWTS Melissa Rycroft Engaged For The Second Time This Year


It seems like it was just three months ago — it was three months ago — that Melissa Rycroft was dumped on national television, courtesy of the Bachelor reunion show.

That’s okay.  No one can remember the Bachelor’sname now anyway.  Rycroft, on the other hand, went on to fleeting C-list fame achieving a third-place finish as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  Equally bewildering, her dancing gig led to a summer reporting job on Good Morning America.

Now, I was never good at math.  My son does Algebra as a hobby, but I’m frequently flummoxed by halving or doubling recipes.  But even I knew that something didn’t make sense when Rycroft announced that she just became engaged to Tye Strickland, her boyfriend of two years.  All I can conclude is that she signed up for the show in search of love during an “off-again” phase with Strickland. 

Despite all the engagement confusion, good luck to Melissa and Ty!

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