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Jennifer Aniston: Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Jennifer Aniston at the 2009 Crystal Lucy Awards

It must be difficult for Jennifer Aniston to eat out, considering that she hast to be in a relationship with someone in order to eat dinner with them.

Late Friday night, Jen was spotted having a late dinner with The Hangover start Bradley Cooper. According to the manager, the two were “very nice and chatty.” Given that they also went to a party together in May, gossip bloggers consider this irrefutable evidence that the two are now engaged and she is pregnant with his love spawn.

I’m not going to hand Beet the tissue box and Jennifer Aniston-shaped voodoo doll just yet because according to the manager, the two didn’t drink any alcohol during their “dinner date.” Perhaps I’m just a whiskey-soaked slut, but have you ever been on a late Friday night date (with someone who was not fresh out of a 12 step program) that didn’t involve alcohol?

That may be more of a sad commentary on my romantic life than proof that these two aren’t dating, but I’m not biting on this one just yet.

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  • what’s withe overuse of the letter “t” in this post?
    first paragraph…”hast” should be “has”
    second paragraph…”start” should be “star”

    • CLEARY a typo, but you probably feel like a grammar wiz kid now that you’ve pointed out the obvious…

    • I’d like to point out how my own comment was edited in order to include a typo. For you see, before I make any comment on any blog, I copy and paste it into a word document. Then, I save the file for future reference as I know that what I post may offend people, say the author of the post. Way to be professional Kelly!

  • Who is Bradley Cooper and why should I care? I like Jennifer Aniston, but I’m sick of reading about her personal life.

  • who is bradley cooper?!?! oh just the new flavor for everybody after seeing his beautiful baby blues in the hangover!

    i love jennifer and i hope she does have his love child because that baby would be beautiful!

  • I don’t drink, and I haven’t been in a 12-step-program. Do you have to drink alcohol to have fun?

  • I do like this site, although sometimes things that beet writes gets on my nerves (ove Wendie, though) however, I have to say that some (a small, nasty lot) of the commenters on here are really rude. Always sanctamonious and pointing out typos, being snarky to Kelly (Wendie used to get attacked like this, too). I watch this happen every weekend to Kelly and I really find it annoying. Give her a damn break, she has a great writing style. Look past that she put a “t” on the end of a word-oooh big deal. Grow up. And to the person who said they put all their comments in a word doc and spell check them, you might also want to get a life. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of flack for errors I made in this comment-but ask me if I give a crap.

  • Am I the only one who noticed the “shop this look here” ad? Now THATS a good way to generate revenue. Next time lets hope to see the ad on an outfit that’s actually cute…

  • He’s a recovering alcoholic, isn’t he? I think I just read that somewhere.

    That might explain it.