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Jon Gosselin’s Apartment Hunting Trumps Impending Divorce Announcement


As Beet told you yesterday, the Gosselins have an important announcement to make.  It’s a forgone conclusion that they’re announcing their divorce despite the fact that Jon still wears his wedding band while sparking up his mysterious looking cigarettes.  God, they are really keeping this sham going right until the bitter end.  Oh, and I’m warning everyone right now, if their “important announcement” is that they’ve decided to separate, you can’t even prepare yourself for the fit I’m going to pitch.  They’ve been separated for months and months.

Now, a Gawker reader reports, “I was at my friends apt at trump towers on 66th and riverside blvd….. we were in her apt… then left to go to dinner… in the hallway was the realtor of the building and she was with JON from jon and kate plus 8. It was CLEARLY him. He had bloodshot eyes. We all rode the elevator together. He was looking at an apt on the 8th floor.”  Was Jon Gosselin really apartment hunting at Trump Towers in…Manhattan?  I understand that Jon is really checked out and just wants to smoke joints and screw college girls, but would he leave the area where his eight kids live to move to New York City?  Is this the only place where he could find an apartment large enough to house all the cameras necessary to film his weekend visits?  Will I be able to tolerate Kate’s weekly, “I’m here.  I’m doing this.  He’s not.  I do everything for my kids,” tirades any longer?  When the divorce is final, will there be a new show titled Kate & a Date Plus 8?  Jon Movin’ On Without His Spawn?

So.  Many.  Questions.  Monday night can’t come soon enough.

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  • There was a blind on Blind Gossip yesterday about a couple announcing their divorce, but the twist was he was in it for the money just as much as she is. They apparently plan to drag this out to the absolute bitter end, cameras and all.

    What blessed memories for the kids to watch later!

    ” Hey, Collin! Remember when Dad introduced his mistress to the family? That episode is on right now! Grab some popcorn.”

  • Is anyone here old enough to remember the first reality show “American Family” on public television? That was riveting. The dad asked for a divorce in the middle of a Mexican restaurant with the music blaring, son Lance was a flaming queen who loved the camera, and the other kids were typical teens who happened to have their entire lives documented. No sponsors, no commercials, no fancy lighting. I was completely hooked.

  • If he thinks he can support a celebrity lifestyle once the show’s over, he’s in for a rude awakening.

    It’s not like he has a job or a personality.

    • And I bet Kate is going to get the kids and most of the money honey.

      If this “divorce” happens. She is gonna pack up her shanty shack and run to Cali, kids in tow and get a talk show for a year or two.

      He will use his alimony to buy, well we know.

      He has let himself go bigtime. She is reigning it in, I guess for the big debut of

      “I am all alone, cause I kicked his pot smoking, cheating butt out.”

      And how nice of US weekly and all the other rags to document it all for her for free. Who needs a PI?

      I love this stuff. Makes me feel sane.

      I dont worry about her bratts. Not my job. I worry about my own.

      I mean no offence.

  • I think that their announcement is going to be that they are going to stop doing the show.

    • That would be the best thing they could possibly do for their kids. It’s not likely, but we can all hope.

    • It couldn’t be.
      They would have to break the contract, they’re signed on for forty episodes this season.

      Plus, they’d have to give up the money and possibly lose their endorsements from Gymboree and others.

    • No, Kate said she will “not lay down and die.”

      I think that means she will never give up the show. Ever ever ever ever ever!!

  • “…will there be a new show titled Kate & a Date Plus 8? Jon Movin’ On Without His Spawn?”
    Bahahaaha. Wendie, you’re awesome!!!

  • the spell has been broken. If they announce they are getting divorced the ratings will go right in the crapper. A year from how they’ll barely be remembered

  • He may be douche but it really seems that at least some of their kids would be better off with him. At least he doesn’t freak the eff out if they get wet from the pool. In the summer.

  • I doubt they will cancel this show till the horse is dead or the dogs. It is a money machine and we are all gulity gawkers.

    She is not going to let a little thing like divorce stop this train. Are you kidding! Now she is thinking, how do I cut his slice of the pie, even smaller.

    He is screwed.

    Face it. If he cheated, he is finished. It will come out, it always does. Having a bitch for a wife is not a valid reason to cheat on family, ever. Shame on anyone who thinks it is.

    She is going to use that jealous bitch “aunt jodi” to show her fans how “he only stayed to make money off the kids” “to lazy to work” “teaming up against me”, for heavens sake she has Oprah and Ellen. lol Who’s side do you think the will take. lol

    whereas she will then declare

    “I had/have to do this. He is a terrible provider and is cheating on me and if you didnt look I take care of 8 kids” also covers the “spank” scandal. lol

    “He is off snowboarding. I was off working, all for the kids, all for the kids , putting food in his big fat mouth.” lol (come one its funny)

    He knew she was a bitch prior to marraige, she knew he was a slacker. Let them fight it out in public. The dragged us along this far. I pay my cable bill, I want my money’s worth.

    The kids will be fine. Lots of money for useless therapy, just to hear “your parents fucked you up.”

    I mean no offence, just in tired bitch mode.

    • Kate may have cheated too. If Kate did tell Jon that the marriage is over before she went on her state to state tour with her “bodyguard” then I don’t consider that cheating.

      I don’t think the kids will be fine. This entire situation should be private and the parents just want to squeeze every last penny so they can have big cars, douchy clothing and fancy vacations.

  • There seems to be a trend. The Evil Beet pays for a group of photos of certain “celebs” and then recycles the same photos a few times. You are guaranteed they will write several stories about the people in the photos even though we have no interest in them.

    Okay, I know photos are expensive but we really don’t give a shit enough about these people to read 5 stories on them in a week.

  • I know it is easy to sit back and get angry at either or both Jon and Kate. Whether Jon is smokin dope, having sex or whatever is a symptom. I have heard him say over and over again that he was just 22 when the babies started being born and not one at a time but full litters. I do not know Jon but I can fully understand his need to be anything but responsible right now. Understanding and being in agreement are not the same things. Kate was very hard on him and she never let up; NEVER. He has said that according to her, he does not even “breathe right”. She has effectively (intentionally or not) stripped him of any masculinity he ever had. I am not surprised by his actions (again not agreeing with them).
    I do not understand how a couple can vote for themselves over their children. To separate for a time while going to get help is understandable; to end a marriage becuase it is not fun anymore is not.
    Kate made reference to some event happening this past weekend and she made the decision she did for her and her children’s safety. Unless Jon bopped her one, I think she needs to be specific.
    My vote is still the show should be cancelled until the dust settles. I do not want to know that much about them. When the show started, I enjoyed watching them get through the daily regular things but now, I feel like I am standing in their showers watching the dirt go down the drain.
    Mady already seems to need some therapy because she really attempts to rule the roost.
    Kate, did you ever just say “sorry” for all the demeaning things you did and said to Jon and about Jon?
    Jon , we are feel overwhelmed by children but we do not all run.
    The damage is done but if you (Jon and Kate) do not learn these simple lessons, you will repeat it with another spouse.
    I am so very disappointed in TLC and the way this whole things has been handled.

  • I think TLC has known about their problems for over a year, but because of the ratings, they kept on filming. Kate is terrible to Jon. The show should be taken off the air, then how will they pay their mortgage?