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Kristen and Dakota Are Totes BFF


You know what? This is exactly what needed to happen to Dakota. She’s in LA filming Runaways with the coolest girl in school, Kristen Stewart, and the two seem to have gotten awfully chummy during this time. I’ve been waiting for years for this perfect little child to release that dark, dirty, tabloid-friendly side that I know she has deep inside her. I think K-Stew’s gonna be the one to release the dragon — Puff, the Magic Dragon, if ya catch my drift.

And yet, I’m torn. There’s a part of me that hopes — and kind of believes — that it’s just a matter of time before Dakota’s getting pulled out of clubs with her eyes half-open, and there’s a part of me that still feels really protective of the little girl she used to be, and hopes she can transition from child actor to adult actor without having to do more with lines than read them.

Anyhoo. These pics are super cute.

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  • Oh great.. I guess these pictures explain the ridiculous outfits Dakota’s been wearing lately…. She’s trying to be like Idiot Stewart.. What a great role model she’s picked.. This sucks big time..

  • i dont see it this way.. i dont see kristen as the party girl like other actresses of her age are… but anyway i dont get why someone would want to see the worst in this.. all these pictures show is that they are good friends and that’s all… just my opinion.. peace :)

  • “I’ve been waiting for years for this perfect little child to release that dark, dirty, tabloid-friendly side that I know she has deep inside her. I think K-Stew’s gonna be the one to release the dragon — Puff, the Magic Dragon, if ya catch my drift.”

    Forgive me if I don’t see where the above reflects that you want her to transition into an adult actor without problems. I understand that gossip is better when they have issues (take your weird fascination with Trainwreck Lohan) but actually wishing a child would have a breakdown and have to be pulled from clubs, cranked out of their mind, is kind of messed up.

  • Back the fuck up off the kids you stupid bitch.
    You have NO BUSINESS running any website pretending to be some sort of “feminist” like your bull shit Zelda Lilly.

    Zelda Lilly would smack you in your fucking face for this article alone.

    • *yawn* When you create your own website, feel free to link us to it. Until then, I guess you’ll just be trolling about on Evil Beet?

      • Yes honey, its always trolling when someone gives an opinion right?

        I agree with the stance that this was a bull shit article, nasty in spirit, and 100% flies in the face of what Shasha is trying to sell with her feminist crap on Zelda Lilly.

        Who the fuck would want readers as dumb as yourself and all of the other children to be on their site? Youre worthless and brain dead.

      • People are allowed to tell Beet she’s wrong for wishing harm on kids who havent done a damn thing to deserve that type of hate.

        If she was 1/2 as smart as she believes herself to be there would be a little more depth to these stories. If she was any type of comedian or writer she wouldnt just slap on these non-stories with a few crude words and pray you morons click on it.

        The fact is she cant hack it as a real “gossip blogger” so she just spews hate and prays she sound like MK of D-listed.

        This is a public website that people all over the world can stumble on. If this person who runs the site is going to try put “news” or “information” out in to the world in this type of manor you can bet your ass that people are going to tell her what to do with this crap.

        Sites like this are part of the problem. This isnt witty, its not cute, its not smart, its nothing but trash.

        If she is going to put this shit out into the world, expect it back tenfold. Thats just the way the universe works.

        You get out of life what you put into it.

      • And yet every time you return to post more of your anger you just create another page hit and help keep our Evil Beet successful. Or should I now call her “Shasha?”

        She obviously must want you geniuses as readers over my brain dead self. Especially considering that I know the difference between “its” and “it’s” and how to spell “you’re.”

        Thanks for the smiles, honeys.

      • BLA get a life. People can express their opinions on a public site, if you dont like it then YOU can be the one to move along. It is easy to see when you call the page “our Evil Beet” that his site must hold a major place in your sad life, however, please try to not to get so upset when someone critiques it, its sad.

      • Ohhh no!I didnt take the time to put in my punctuation. Better change that before you yell at me like you did to the others…Ahem i meant “it’s sad” not “its sad”.



  • I don’t know why, but some part deep down inside of me absolutely loves this. I always pictured Dakota to have a darker side.

  • You’re usually pretty cool, Beet, but I really can’t understand why you’re HOPING for Dakota–a sweet kid who’s talented and has a great future ahead of her thus far–to go Hollywood on us. It almost sounds like you’re wishing bad things on her for the sake of gleeful pointing and snarky comments and she really hasn’t done anything to deserve that.

  • Ok i will ask it?

    Where are her parents? I guess too busy spending the kids money to care she is hanging with the recently photo’d pothead, inclusive in swimwear. My mother would have noticed and trust me, made sure it stopped.

    You dont see the Lautner boy hanging with this crowd. Why? Cause daddy makes sure it doesnt, which can be an entire different blog.

    Yeah we see where this kids heading and why should sweet little miss be spared. Why cause she blonde and looks sweet, and says please and thank you.

    It is sad, but i think “coming soon to a gossip rag” near you.

    I mean no offence, I am just being a bitch, truthful, but alas a bitch.

    • You. Are. Fucked. Up.
      end of story.
      And so is the sarcastic fucker directly below this comment.

      And btw, youre not being a bitch, Youre being a dumb cunt :)

      fucking idiot

  • I don’t get the articles that are trying to associate “K-Stew” with the girls who are always out partying and wasted out of their minds. I’ve never seen that from her — though I freely admit I may have missed something. I know there was that one photo of her smoking pot or using a bong or something like that, but isn’t that the same thing Michale Phelps was caught doing? I don’t recall much criticism directed towards him coming from this site.

  • yeah all k stew does is smoke bongs on the front porch and just look like a general bad-ass. I dont like the idea of her becoming like Lilo but the idea of her getting high once in a while and looking like a general bad-ass sounds like the regular teenage life. Dakota is on New Moon too, isn’t she? She is a twilighter now, she had to get that bad-ass thing down.

  • I dont get it…Kristen Stewart is 18…shes never seen at clubs, drinking, acting crazy, dating a bunch of guys…theres NEVER any gossip other than, “is she boning the guy shes in the movie with” or look at her crap haircut she had to get” TO MAKE A MOVIE FOR CHRIST SAKES..she was seen smoking a bowl…big woop…half the kids in america smoke weed.
    Maybe she just wants to act without all the pitfalls of being a young hollywood actor .

    Your a MORON.
    Shes 18…legally its HER money…
    Her parents are doing their job unlike Lindseys or nParis’ or Brittneys, who partied with their kids and rode their coattails all the way to jail/rehab.

  • whats wrong with them hanging out? Kristen isn’t a party girl.. the worst thing she done is smoke pot and everyone does that… so whats the big deal?

  • isn’t Dakota a bit young for sex scenes she is under the legal age she is still a minor or is that okay in America Kristen Stewart is 19 Dakota fanning is 15 last time i checked legal age in California which is where Dakota lives i take it is 18 or doesn’t anyone give a shit! hounddog was bad enough now sex scenes at 15 what next hardcore porn you might think i am being a bit harsh but i am a father myself i have a teenage daughter a 15 year old exploited in a movie doing full on lesbian sex scenes is too much apparently from what i have read its very graphic i wont be watching this i mean I’m up for a bit of lesbian sex scenes i have porn films with two lesbians in but i do not want to see a kid at 15 having it away with a 19 year old or maybe just maybe they will use a body double

  • i must say i find your comment rather ignorant to say the least there isn’t going to be any lesbian sex scenes not like you are implying there has been a lot of rumors about this so called sex scene it is a lesbian kiss this isn’t a lesbian porn film you see Kristen and Dakota sharing a kiss and no body double will be used for something that doesn’t exist Dakota will not be nude for goodness sake will you please think before you comment the rumors about Hounddog were bad enough but this Dakota Fanning wouldn’t be able to do complete nude maybe when she is 18 as that is the legal age in california remember this when the real Joan jett and Cherie Currie formed The Runaways they were around Dakota’s age now it isn’t illegal to kiss anyone so think paul next time your comment is making you out to be rather ridiculous

  • nice response Rachel he is a complete moron Dakota isn’t old enough to do explicit sex scenes but where does it say she is too young to do lesbian kiss scenes i know a girl who is a lesbian and she has a girlfriend she is around Dakota’s age i don’t know what her parents think but there are young girls that are lesbians that paul is a retard i don’t know what century he is living in but duh hello its the 21st century!

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