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If Will And Jada Smith Show Up On Your Doorstep, Lock The Door


Jada Pinkett has been terrifying Redbook readers by sharing her secrets to keeping her love life alive.  It’s as simple as fornicating in other people’s washrooms.

“Be sneaky… your girlfriend’s house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom.  Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex.  Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary!  (Do) anything it takes to keep the flame alive.”

How many of Will and Jada’s friends are having their houses disinfected at this very moment?

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  • Morons! They shouldn’t read the postem notes Parasite leaves behind and go along with her raunchy suggestions.

  • hey, it seems to be working. they’re one of the few hollywood couples who don’t constantly have divorce rumors swirling around them, and they’ve been married since ’97. yes, it’s a bit disconcerting if you happen to host the smiths frequently, but if i was one of their peers, i would pay attention to their marriage to see what they’re doing right rather than just being grossed out by it–lord knows hollywood could use more couples like them.

    i agree though–i wouldn’t want my friends getting it on in my laundry room.

  • Once again Scientologists think they are smarter than everyone else and can “teach us” mere mortals.

    Either that or the rumors are true and they are both gay (and hence why they are attracted to Scientology). They certainly are trying very hard to prove that they aren’t.

  • I wouldn’t have a problem with that if they were really good friends. If they were casual acquaintances it might gross me out.

  • I thought I read somewhere that they have an open marriage.. I think that topic came up when he was filming ‘Hitch’ with Eva Mendes.

    • i read the same. i also read in several articles that she dates women as well! not sure if it’s true or not..

  • Call me crazy, but I don’t think I’d mind very much if Will Smith got down and dirty in my house.