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Ashley Tisdale Gives Barack Obama a Lapdance

I apologize. I built you up with that headline, and I’m only going to disappoint you.

While making a guest appearance on a Spanish talkshow, some freaky unibrow puppets prompt the Tis to give an impromptu lapdance to a Barack Obama impersonator. Aside from some PG-13 titty shaking however, there’s very little “lap” in this lapdance.

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  • Seriously? when hilary duff slowly backed away from disney and posed for maxim, it was chill because it had been like 3-5 years after she had appeared in any new disney show/movie. but i just dont understand ashley tisdale. she has no talent, and that new HSM just came out less than a year ago and shes on the cover of cosmo. doesn’t she understand that her face is still on hsm shirts being sold? she should have waited a longer time before doing all this racy shit. not to mention that this is completely disrespectful to the man who is running the united states right now….

  • aaaaaaaaaaah I LOVE this program it makes me laffffffffff
    Long life to the puppets!! Which by the way are ants, known as Trancas & Barrancas.

  • funny and very disrepectful.

    I like it. lol Hey I didnt vote for him and I have pms.

    Funny, guess the other countries do laugh at us huh, maybe the tramp doesnt want to help them along.

    Bet this affect (effects (?)) her career, if she actuall has one.

    • I know for sure Spain don’t laugh at you, it was for fun and it was Tis who decided to dance that way! BTW I think you’re making a lot of fuss that we aren’t doing.

  • stupid stupid girl. She’s a “role model” to at least some little girl out there. Why is she putting herself out like this?

  • She barely even did anything! I don’t see how that would make her a bad role model…and I definitely wouldn’t refer to it as “racy shit”.

  • BTW if you didn’t understand what the host said to her at the end it was: “Good thing you did that to Obama and not Bill Clinton…”

  • I hate that on kellys days there are long blocks of time when there are no posts, like she does them all in the morning or something.

  • she seemed to have fun w/ it. I mean what else what she going to do ? Talk to the ‘President’. lol Relax people.

    • she would have gotten “good press” in the United States had she walked off. But a failing career, weak constitution and youth, she went along.

      Where was her agent? I would have used one of those canes in vaudville days to hook here and pull her off. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY!

      Not Mr. Obama’s fan here at all, but she can face a massive backlash from the “lap dance” skit from the prophets fan club.

      Bet she doesnt get a tea invite from Ms. Obama-I am a fan of hers.

  • I don’t think it was disrespectful!! she insisted in doing it, not the spanish host nor the ANT puppets..(which are the best! i have them on my car hahaa) it was a funny moment, that’s all, and it doesn’t mean that she stops being a role model for young gilrs, nor something disrespectful to your president! we were not making fun at you (i mean spanish people)…so…i don’t see why all this comments and bad thoughts!!