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Love It Or Hate It?


I’m not giving up on this Abolish Shredded Jeans and Legging campaign until they fade quietly into obscurity and rest alongside acid wash anything and shoulder pads.  And while we are judging Megan Fox solely on her appearance, what do you think of those boots.  Purty, huh?

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  • the only thing i can say is that she has a very nice pair of…
    who cares about her boots, any way. i couldn´t scroll down.

  • ANYTHING megan fox wears is the hottest shit anyone has ever seen. ughhh i am so jelous of her! shes not even rail thin! shes perfect! oh dear i need to go change my panties!

  • Okay, so as far as I was aware showing your bra like that was a serious faux pas and resulted in you being served with your “congrats your a hillbilly” papers…and now it’s trendy?

  • I get that this chick is pretty, and guys think she is hot. But I’m not seeing the drop dead gorgeousness everyone is raving about. Don’t get me wrong, she is very pretty, but I think there are actresses out there that are a lot prettier, inside and out, and that have more talent. Hopefully she is just the flavor of the month, because I’m tired of her already.

  • those boots are hideous-they make her ankles and feet look like big hooves- and the only thing that fits her right are those ripped up jeans… I’m not going to comment on “hot or not” because everyone has their own tastes, I like extreme and unique natural beauty. I used to model and glancing down the line at a runway competition I would see several Megan Foxs… My suggestion, if you think this is the hottest chick you’ve laid eyes on, is move to the area around LA where is basically illegal to leave the house not looking as close to this as possible.

  • Love the look! It looks great on her, I’m really feeling the ripped jeans look. I like her shirt too!

    • I thought she was Demi too! But Demi has talent and doesn’t make me cringe every time she opens her mouth….

  • OMG hello KATIE PRICE!!

    I thought she was hot at first… then she never shut her mouth about how hot she is, how sexual she is, how amazingly perfect & tomboyish she is, etc. It got old. Now I just see her as attention starved.

  • nah…the white crap on her legs…? make her look “fat.” not that i’m judging…she just wants to be judged. and it’s a beautiful look-for a movie. otherwise she looks like a slob.

    you are blessed with good looks megan! don’t ruin it sweetie! ;)

  • This chick makes me taste bile. She’s such a dumbfuck and the whole look is retarded.

  • My jaw dropped and I scrolled down very slowly…
    Mm mm that’s my woman right there! She looks gorgeous without all the makeup.
    I can’t see the boots… AD!

  • I don’t like her style at all. It is very contrived and very L.A. She is attractive but wears way too much make up. Not what you call an natural beauty.

  • Seriously? She’s so contrived. Clearly she is hot, but I can’t believe people think that she’s the “most beautiful woman on earth”. Like there can’t possibly be another person on the damn planet who is naturally more beautiful than this chick who has been nipped and tucked as much as woman thrice her age.

  • okay she DEF got a boob job at some point. from seeing those pictures of her at some lake with no top, unless thats a “level 5” from victorias secret, those things wouldnt be out like that, nor so far apart. yikes.

    and her outfit? yuck. isnt the point when you get famous and rich you get to dress nice all the time?