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Okay, Kate Hudson And A-Rod Are Dating. Happy?

Kate Hudson

There are many times in my life when I ignore certain situations in hopes that they’ll just go away.  It’s not a real effective approach with bills, but sometimes it works out okay with unknown rashes.  But, you know what else I keep ignoring that just won’t vanish?  A-Rod and Kate Hudson stories.

So, let’s just put it out there — these two idiots are dating.  Personally, I think it’s a match made in STD heaven, but some of the Yankees’ wives — and you know it’s the Yankees’ wives talking when they are identified in print as “someone connected to the team” — aren’t so delighted.  “First we dealt with all the Madonna mayhem, now we’re on to Kate. It’s distracting.  And they haven’t even been together that long.  It’s not like there’s a problem with wives or girlfriends going to games.  But a lot of us agree that this is a little much. They’re barely dating, and it’s all about Kate.”  

Wow.  Women can be such catty little wenches.

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    • Why? Male celebrities “bounce” around all the time — but that’s because they’re players, right? Why should women have to settle for someone who doesn’t fulfill them? Good on her. Women have just as much right to happiness — and to the search for happiness — that men do.

      It’s a shame that in this enlightened age, there is still such a double-standard regarding sex.

      • did kristi mention ANYTHING about a double standard, or compare women and men, or even mention sex? i don’t think so. stop jumping to conclusions.

      • i also think it is silly to say that women are catty wenches. if men on- or connected- to the team would have said the situation was ridiculous, would we have thought it was sour grapes?

  • MAN! Wish I had known this yesterday. I was at the Sox v Yanks game last night and would have loved a little more ammo to get under A-Rods skin. It’s ok, we had the steroids, the mirror picture, Madonna, failing in the post season…I think is enough for one game.

  • ever notice that this hack-tress is only all smiles & super-happy only when she’s got some new dick in her life?

    co-dependent much?

    *eye roll*


    a catty little wench


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