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Oh No! Did Miley And Justin Break Up?



Oh, dear God, this better not be happening, butI have a feeling that Miley and her totally straight boyfriend Justin Gaston may have split up.  They’ve been tweeting over the past day or so and it’s not looking good for these kids.  I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight due to the devastation.

Of course, this frees Miley up to get back together with whichever Jonas brother she was totally having sex with dating before.

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  • Miley and Nick did NOT have sex! Did you forget the whole purity ring thing? I’m pretty darn sure they’re virgins.
    The Jonas Brothers wouldn’t have been able to hide it from their mom.
    and in the latest Good Housekeeping magazine, their mom said they’re virgins.
    how do I know they wouldn’t be able to hide it?
    My mom found out my older brother wasn’t a virgin 2 days after he had sex for the first time.
    Moms are just too smart.

    • I have just become pathetic and looked around the web and hit twitter. I think its the long distance thing, not a break up. I think she is in Georgia and he is back home, doing i dont know what, nor care.

      But i admit i was bored for a moment. Love this site though!

  • Is it possible to get Miley and R Pattycake from Twilight to start dating each other?

    If yes, will it make the internet explode?

  • Well, as a gossip freak I have some juicy details to add to this story :-).
    Miley was at the Elizabeth Something Charity event about two days ago. She met Nick Jonas at that even about 2 or 3 years ago. And when she was singing 7 Things (this year), she changed the words this way:
    She changed “The 7 things I hate about you…” to “The 7 things I … about you!”. She didn’t say the word “hate”.
    Then she changed “What I need to hear now is your sincere apology, when you mean it, I’ll believe it…” to “What I need to hear now is your sincere apology, and now you mean it, I believe it…”
    And then, she changed “Oh I’m not coming back, you’re taking 7 steps here” to “Oh I might coming back, you’ve taken 7 steps here”. I know that doesn’t make sense, but she said it that way.
    So, there you have it :).

  • mcbiscuit u r so firgin stupid her dad is billy ray cyrus!!!!! and i think her and nick r so a cuter couple!!!!! i think she was just using justin cuz hes older, a model, and can make nick jealous anyday!!!! shes wayyyyy better with nick! (i think she should date joe though on the other hand) ANYWAYZ MILEY AND JUSTIN UGLIEST COUPLE EVER!!!!
    ~take this from the person who is mileys # 1 fannnnnnn!!!!!!

  • You guys, they broke up because Justin got jealous of her spending time with Nick when they were just friends. She tried to tell him that, but he wouldnt listen. Anyways, with Miley touring and starting a clothes line and fiming a movie she doesnt need a boyfriend anyway. NIck and her were once in love but they are just friends now and the way she changed the song meant that she forgave him. Nick said in the Rolling stones interview: Me and Miley are just friends and I will support her in anything she does and im pretty sure she would do the same. With our busy lives we dont need to be dating anyone anyway. If we were get back together, and I’m not saying that we will right now wouldnt be the time. We are just best friends who got misunderstood. We are just teenagers and I dont want a girlfriend at the moment due to our busy lives. We are about to go on tour and everyone knows that long distance relationships never work out so, I’m happily single for rightn now. PEace.” End quote. those words came out of his mouth. So, there you guys have it If you have any questions just comment and I’ll answer.

  • this has been all over Enews and the Daily10 so i am not so sure and i hope they did not breakup because i am a big fan of both of em’