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Leann Rimes: Married White Female


It was only a couple of months ago that actor Eddie Cibrian was sucking Leann Rimes’ fingers.  Us Weekly got it all on video and the two “stars” parted ways.

Since then, Eddie and his wife, Brandi Glanville have been being photographed all over Hollywood with their pelves firmly pressed together, sending a message of unity.

Now Brandi is talking to Us Weekly, because they’ve been so helpful to date regarding her marriage, and she wants everyone to know that Leann is a nut.

“LeAnn is a stalker,” Glanville tells Us. “She refuses to leave us alone — it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance.”

Glanville, a model (and mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2) alleges that Rimes (who was caught on video sucking Cibrian’s finger during a date) intentionally tracked down her husband at a L.A. Lakers game on May 17 — two weeks after he changed his phone number to end her “constant texting and calling.”

Glanville says Rimes’ motivation for her “disgusting” behavior is to get back in the limelight.

Adds Glanville, “She’s hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.”

Gee, Leann.  Why don’t you leave Eddie alone and concentrate on having sex with your own husband?  Oh, wait…

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  • ajajajaajaja great post! I couldn´t care less about Leann Rimes, but somehow I couldn´t stop reading.

  • ok, i have to believe that this story is not true. why would a talented, award winning, married, millionaire, princess to country music singer, be hounding a Dlist, married father of two? and why would it all be spilt out to US mag? sounds like they are the ones wanting the limelight, no leann

    p.s. i dont really care for either of them, just saying, sounds odd

    • I think it sounds a little off too. And I suspect that LeAnn is not an isolated case of him running around on his wife. Not by a long shot…

      And for the thought of looks…

      Looks have nothing to do with men screwing around on their wifes. Look at what happen to Halie Berry. Her ex-husband was cheating on her the entire marriage.

      So comparing LeAnn to this pinhead… media seeking attention wife… is moot.

      The person she needs to be p*ssed at, is her own husband. Yet obviously she is not.

      So she needs to shut the h*ll up and sit down. Yacking to US is not going to help her career. Which this was all about anyway… getting her unknown name in the magazine.

  • Let’s see. Now why would Eddie have strayed in the first place?

    His wife is obviously MUCH better looking than Leann Rimes.

    Based on what I see, Brandi looks like a pain in the ass to deal with. If she was that pissed off and wronged, she’d have left him. I think she’s a big part of the problem.

    • statistics show (i saw on a show of oprah) most of the time when men cheat, the woman they cheat with is not as attractive. supposedly they are cheating with a woman giving them attention. and i wouldnt doubt this dude has cheated on his wife more then once.

  • I reviewed the pics of Eddie sucking Leeanne’s fingers at some restaurant. And how many times did he lean across the table to kiss her? It didn’t look stalkerish to me.
    Whenever the wife comes out to bad mouth the other woman, she just comes off like a clueless tool.
    I hope Eddie feels like an idiot, having his wife out there denying his indiscretion. Wife would be much better off waiting until after the divorce, and then writing a tell-all and hitting the talk show circuit.