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Octo-Mom Speaks Out On Kate Gosselin


Ah, it’s the commentary we’ve all been waiting for.  Octo-Mom finally speaks out about what a totalfamewhore Kate Gosselin is.  There is nothing so ironic as one clown car uterus criticizing another clown car uterus.  You can see the video here and it’s really worth watching if only to see Octo say “Histreeeeooonic….histreeeeoooonic…..histreeeeooooonic.”  I’m more convinced than ever that Nadya Suleman’s best retort while under attack consists of some version of, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Octo-Mom is looking pretty good these days.  I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true.

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  • This might sound cruel, but I really want this moron to die so that her kids can be taken care of by someone who has an ounce of respect left and at least 4 ounces of intelligence.

    And then I’m sure we can salvage parts of her fake-ass face to make wells so that poor Africans don’t have to walk so far to get water.

    • that is cruel, no matter what you think, she has 14 kids that love her and that she is the mother to.

      • Yeah, it was cruel, but I don’t really wish death upon her; it was a joke. I do think her kids should be taken away from her, though.

  • This bitch is so freaking stupid! I want to see her walk into a patio door and see if her lips will stick to it! She is just stupid!

    • because she hates her mom! duh, she’s always talking about it. and my oh my i just can’t get over those LIPS.

  • Nadya seriously needs to keep her mouth shut. As much as Kate annoys the crap out of me, she’s using the fact that everyone is so interested in her family to make enough money to provide for them. Nadya, on the other hand, had her babies in the hopes that everyone would be so interested in her family that she would make enough money to provide for them. Priorities.

  • That’s it America, keep being distracted by such nonsense while your country crumbles and takes us all down with it.

    • Can’t wait for her reality show; that should be a train wreck too…Gotta go, I have an 11:15 with Obama to fix the mortgage crisis; balancing the budget after lunch… when in doubt, blame America! Jackass!

      • As long as you’re seeing Obama today, can you let him know I won’t be able to make our appointment tomorrow? I’ve got to go to a meeting at my daughter’s school…

        ( hehe. i liked your joke so much i couldn’t leave it alone)

    • Has it ever occured to you that maybe readers on here do care about the country but need a little bit of celeb craziness to relieve our minds of the dire situation our country is in? By the way, you are hear reading & leaving comments too, so looks like you are doing the same. Perhaps you should use your brain to actually think before leaving stupid comments.

    • Yeah, Donkey, we can tell how busy you are paying attention to important matters. You post on this site more than Wendie, you stupid fucking Nazi.

      • I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m just enjoying riding his coattails into hell just like the 51% of blind faith Americans that did vote for him. I also enjoy watching the chickenshit Canadians that have been sucking onto our countrys ass like leeches for longer than forever go down with us. Never get too close to a sinking ships wake, pals.

      • Hate to bust your bubble, but good ole boy Busch had us in hell before Obama even thought about running for president. Oh, & I absolutly love that because everyone didn’t vote your way they are “blind faith Americans” People like you are the reason we are in the position we are in.

  • Doesn’t she remind you of someone, whatshisname… oh, that’s right!

    The Joker from the Dark Knight.

    She’s just the female version. It’s the mumbling, her spastic head and everything!

    • There aint no part of that woman that looks good! And believe me, I don’t have high standards!

      • I agree. She’s ugly. Her lips are fake looking, she’s a total plastic surgery failure.

  • I had to google the word histrionic. And yes, I found out that it was some sort of personality disorder….but better than that, I found out it was a species of ducks! ahha go figure

  • Wow…she is ridiculous.
    She didn’t answer anything and I totally agree with the whole “I know you are but what am I” thing. She is one of those people that just feels that they never have to take any responsibility for anything because it is the “past.”
    If she went and gunned down someone in the street right now she’d get on TV saying “oh hey, what is your problem, it already happened, I did it, lets move on” like there aren’t people that get hurt by her actions.
    I don’t know if I could resist the temptation to run her over with my car if ever given the opportunity so people need to keep her away from me!

    • The whole time I was watching her I was reminded of middle school girls. Her words, her posture, it all says she’s stuck somewhere around age 14 mentally.

  • Wendie… she looks GOOD?!?! Her industrial silicone lips are HOT. I can only imagine how numb those puppies must me. She is seriously bat-shit cray cray.

    • I hope she gets more injections into her lips until they finally collapse and she won’t be able to talk at all!.

  • I will watch her show one time. She will be too busy trying to justify her actions to show any real dirt…. I think it is going to be very boaring…. The bitch is cray cray alright and shes fixing to be making money off of her kids like we all knew was her plan. I wonder if she will pay off her hospital bill or pay back the tax payers with the money she is going to make? I bet not!

  • It’s truly a shame these kids still have not been taken away from her and put into a more stable family. Nadya obviously has mental issues going on. She’s selfish, too. For her to have that many children and no means to support them is immature. I feel bad for her children.

  • She sounds like every bitch I ever heard in middle school.

    And Wendie, dear, you are awesome and amazing, but there ain’t nothin’ on that lady that looks good.