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Well This Explains A Lot


Maybe Janice Dickinson isn’t a big cokehead drunk, after all.  Sure, she staggered down streets swinging accessories at the paparazzi, and yes, she somersaulted down a flight of stairs and verbally abused models, but it could be that she just needed a sandwich.

Janice talked about how to be a successful contestant — she was on the UK version in 2007 and is appearing tonight on the US version — on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.  “They think this is a game show. It isn’t. It’s arduous. It’s fighting hunger. Since I haven’t eaten in 32 years, it won’t affect me.”

Oh, Janice, so much wasted time.  Think of all the embarrassment and job terminations you could have avoided if only you started consuming.  Calories, that is.

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  • “Since I haven’t eaten in 32 years, it won’t affect me.”

    Haha! That totally reminded me of Patsy from Ab Fab.

  • i love janice! she is such a rude crude bitch, but then again if i met her in person, i would probably hate her ass…..

  • Ah yes, that explains so much… I become a psycho bitch when I’m really hungry, so I can just imagine how evil I would be if I lived on nothing but lettuce and cigarettes my whole life.