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Farewell To Jay Leno…Until September

Billy Crystal appeared on the Tonight Show last night and sang a tribute to host Jay Leno on his second-to-last episode.  In a true example of history coming full circle, Crystal was Leno’s first Tonight Show guest 17 years ago.

Leno will be back on the air in the fall with a new show that airs during primetime — except in Boston.

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  • Billy Crystal is about as funny as Dane Cook, so I really shouldn’t have to say that I stopped watching the video after about 45 seconds.

  • I am sorry but Leno is NOT 5 nights a week funny on Primetime.

    I am glad my station in Boston is dumping this piece of doo…

    All they did was cause some shows on that network to be canceled because of this.

  • Actually, I heard that Boston IS going to air it. The station, WHDH, decided to air the show less than a week after announcing that it wouldn’t.