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These Two Idiots Need To Stop Wasting My Time


Never mind that they are wasting the court’s time, they are wasting my time and seriously irritating me in the process.  Sean Penn and wife Robin Wright-Penn have asked that their legal separation case be dismissed.  Again.  This would be the second “I Love You, I Love You Not,” go-around for these two.

You know who I feel bad for?  Their kids.  At this point, how many times do you think Sean and Robin have sat down with their sons and given them the “Listen, you know mommy and daddy both love you, right?  Sometimes, it’s better for a mom and dad to live separately.  That way, we’ll both be happier which will result in you guys being happier,” talk?  These kids must just roll their eyes and be all “Whatevah.”  Because they know what all of America knows —  these two messes aren’t ever going to split up.  Every 12 to 15 months they’ll get restless and file some sort of legal motion but that will be the extent of it.

So, yeah.  Sean Penn and Robin Wright are back together.  Nobody.  Cares.

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    • No, somebody posted the wrong picture! It should be Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt. Penn does make an effort, to entertain people, so that does make it legitimate.

  • I bet that as soon as Sean realized that Natalie Portman was dumping him or did not want a relationship with him, thats when he went to Robin and wanted to come back. This is not love, its wanting someone; period.

    If Sean can’t have another he will stick to the old.

    • That’s not right, you don’t know the nature, of they’re relationship, besides who gets hurt if it isn’t love, they have a history, let them fulfill they’re wants, simply for the idea that it doesn’t need to suck!

  • I bet all she has to say when this happens is, “I get ay least half of all you’ve got, plus child support,” and he gets back in line.

    He strikes me as an arrogant misogynist who couldn’t bear losing anything to a woman, he’d rather stick around and try to control her.

  • Natalie never dates out of her age range, that was made up. She denied it because even if you are at the same events during voting season doesn’t mean you are dating. I really like them both and I hope they can work this out. I think Sean is getting the blame for this, but I heard they may be other problems that aren’t being discussed.

    I think they do love each other, and I think he’s taken a lot of hits he may not deserve.

  • Wait… aren’t you the one wasting time, by posting this!?!?
    I love the news like everyone but…
    The sarcasm is off on a few of these. Just my opinion.
    (not trying to pick a fight, just mentioning an observation, I guess the same as you you : )

    • Yes! Exactly. Thank you. No-body is forcing Wendy to cover these guys, and they (sensibly) are not dictating their lives by what tabloid ‘journalists’ are printing (or blogging).

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