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Danny Gokey Wants to Do an Eyewear Line


Well this would be a first for an Idol cast-off.

Danny Gokey, famous for wearing glasses on stage, wants to start his own line of eyewear!

“I want to come out with a line of glasses,” says the third-place finisher, known for his fashionable array of eyewear. “And hopefully somehow tie into the foundation [his deceased wife Sophia’s Heart Foundation]. Maybe some of the proceeds can help whatever we try to do for the foundation. I would really like to start a Danny line or a Gokey line.”

Danny says he started out the season of Idol with only 15 pairs of glasses, but since appearing on the show, “glasses have been raining out of the sky,” and he’s up to more than 50 pairs.

He also says he’d like to model.

In addition to having his own line of eyewear, the Milwaukee singer says he’d jump at the chance to model glasses as well. “I would love to be an eyeglass model. I’m serious,” he says. “That would be so cool. I haven’t been offered anything yet because I’m just leaving the American Idol bubble right now. I hope I made glasses cool for kids. That was kind of the word that I got on the street—that kids were kind of excited to wear glasses again.”

In case it wasn’t clear: “On the record, I would love to do anything glasses-wise,” he adds.

Ummmm, this is sweet and all, but who the hell owns 15 pairs of glasses? I wear glasses, and I own one pair of glasses, and then a really old pair that I keep in a drawer in case I lose or break the existing pair. Do you know how much eyeglasses cost? I mean, they’re usually like $150 at the lower end. So Danny Gokey had over $2000 worth of glasses before he ever even got famous. Who does that??

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  • I DO!!! I’ve got like 3 Armani pairs, some Cristian Diors and some other italian ones but not from such famous brands. I love my glasses and I totally feel that guy!!!

  • If you’ve got a kick-ass vision plan, you can get one pair a year for practically nothing.

  • I get the whole having 15 pairs of glasses. Being someone who can never wear contacts but has crappy vision, I definitely have more than one pair of glasses. I have 6 in my current prescription, with plans of getting more. It gets to the point where they’re more of an accessory, so of course you have to have ones for different outfits.

    For the record, I was envious of Danny’s multiple eyeglasses. I wish I had 15 pairs of glasses.

  • Beet, I am totally in agreement with you. I think the most pairs of glasses one should practically own is four (primary one, backup one, computer one, and reading one) but even that’s pushing it. Any more than that is just for vanity’s sake.

    • That’s like saying I should only own four pairs of shoes!

      At the very least, nearsighted non-contacts-wearers should own an up-to-date pair of black and a pair of brown, so their faces never clash with their outfits. I am so not even kidding.

  • The owner of my favorite-favorite-favorite (pricey) eyewear boutique once confessed to me that she could “wear a new pair for each day of the year,” if she wanted to. I wanna be that lady.

  • I only own two pairs (primary and backup) but if my vision insurance was better or I made more money, I would definitely buy a few more pairs. 15 is a little ridiculous, but not crazy; you need black, blue, brown, reading and/or computer, and probably something really professional/something for going out. You wouldn’t expect someone to wear just one pair of shoes every day in every situation, so why would glasses be different?

  • just want to say, I got my first pair of glasses this week, in many many years, and they were SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE I can’t even believe it. How can anyone afford more than one pair (no insurance coverage here) if you want multiple pairs!!! Mine have tri-focal vision graduated lenses … the lenses alone were almost $400! Frames are cheap! I’d love to have a variety, but frankly, I can’t afford it. More important to feed my kids.

  • I own 21 pairs of glasses (and 2 that need repair) and I NEED them ALL!!! I love changing them up and I can since my husband has amazing insurance. But I also hoard shoes (60 + pairs) – purses, earrings, etc. What’s the big deal about wanting to be fashionable?

  • Soooo was that post about how he wants to start a line of glasses? I didn’t quite catch it the first 15 times it was mentioned.

  • i thought at first that your headline was saying he wanted to do an eyeliner line…i was like shouldn’t that be done by that adam guy?

  • I wear glasses full time and I only have 1 pair of glasses and 1 pair of sunglasses because they’re so expensive (and this is in the UK with the NHS and all…) so he must have either a) a very constant prescription but get a new pair every time he goes or b) a very expensive habit.

    I’m kind of glad he’s trying to make glasses cool but does anybody else hate hate HATE it when people wear frames with clear lenses in when they don’t need glasses? Like the big geek frames?
    I don’t know why but it just incites great amounts of anger in me….

  • Let’s count how many shoes, boots, jumpsuits, boas, bottles of nail polish, hair products, jackets, etc. Adam Lambert has. I’m sure he spends WAAAAAAAAAY more than Danny does on glasses on all his glam crap, but that’s not news, is it?

  • Danny’s such a hottie. He can model for me any old time with or without the glasses.

  • I THINK IT WOULD BE WEIRD BUT KINDA COOL AND IT WOULD MAKE A BUNCH OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • u go boy!!!! i was googling(yes I googled it)lol, how to start a eyewear line….i say the more the merry!!!!!!

  • Thats so awesome! I was actually about to start my own eyewear line. Im a huge fan of sunglasses and frames, but since I dont need perscription frames I a bigger fan of sleek looking sunglasses. I have a pair of “matrix style” sunglasses on the way in the mail now. If thiers anyone who was a huge fan of the Matrix eyewear in the movie, then go to, I ordered the “Agent Smith” glasses. I cant wait until they get here! Im so pumped!! But anywayz, The name of my future eyewear line is: The J_Frost collection, but it will most likely be know as “J_Frost” and yes, the underscore is going to incorporated into the name as it appears in the sentence above. So for all the huge eyewear fanatics be on the look out for, “The J_Frost Collection.”

  • Sorry, I mispelled my own last name, LOL!! I probaly was typing to fast. But its ALEXANDER

  • Do you wear the same shirt everyday too? If not, why not? Nothing wrong with caring about your appearance. People aren’t looking at your new kicks or jewelry during conversation, they are looking at your face. I am a business woman, and a confident presence is important. Also, if you’re wearing a crappy looking, out-dated pair of glasses why would I think any differently about the way you do business? I have about 25 pair, not that 25 is a must, but 2 or 3 is definitely a must if you work with people.

  • i said Ray Ban will be the only glasses i wear… otherwise i will never wear any sunglasses. He was shocked and that s natural i know because currently we are unemployed and just a student… Generally no kid will dream of Ray Ban but i did… and i know it will take years to fulfill my this dream to have such costly glasses…