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Brooke Hogan Wants to Make Very Sure We Notice Her Hair Extensions

A couple weeks ago, we ran the photos of Brooke Hogan on the set of her new music video, which features her much smaller boyfriend, Yannique Barker. Now we have a clip from the actual video, for a song called “Falling.” I think the full title is “I Need to Keep Checking to Make Sure My Extensions Aren’t Falling Out,” because pretty much the whole vid is just her playing with her god-awful hair. Poor Brookie. You’d think with all her money and connections she’d be able to get a decent producer and songwriter on board, as well as a professional video production company. This track is horrible, as is the video.

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  • Hahaha as soon as I clicked play her hands were in her hair and I had to stop watching. I was laughing too hard.

    • Me too!!! For the like 10 seconds that I watched the video all I could look at was her hair and what it was doing and if she was touching it. Her hair kind of outshines her entire face. lol

  • ewwww..
    is it my imagination or has she gained like 40 pounds since her last album….

  • She looks like she is trying to take a shadoobie in the ocean…and for the love of everything holy…stop taking GIANT pills…you are a mammoth creature of great proportions and we realize that you strive to look just like your father…but ewwwwwwwwwwwwww already.

  • ok, first off, this chick had an album before this one???

    and agreeing with beet, this video is the crappiest piece of shit ever. she can’t sing duh, as anyone can tell by her completely computer engineered voice. and they didn’t even do a good job of it. i can name atleast 5 other computer generated singing voices that make this sound like shit. (miley cyrus, hilary duff, katy perry, (granted i love katy perry, but I will never pay to see her live) paris hilton, jennifer love hewitt/any other actress or celebrity who decided to make a cd etc etc.

    I mean Paris hilton’s stupid single about blind stars or whatever was better than this! which says alot…since she’s complete crap too.

    this totally rotted my brain lol.

    p.s. since she’s rich enough to make a cd and music video (though obviously not rich enough to hire a decent videographer, stylist and computer voice generator person) couldn’t she have atleast hired an actor to play her boyfriend?? like someone taller and older looking than her? lol.

    sorry for the long rant! :D

  • 51 seconds in; Sea MIDGETS, SEA midgets! I thought were just an urban legend. Theyre more dangerous than mermaids.

  • Wow pro tools at it’s best.. I wonder if she can really sing like this live. Not that it’s good anyways… But hell when you have auto tune on that much you should be on a T-Pain Album.

    • I agree, totally protools! her voice never changes!


      ‘whoever thought, that this would happen’

      perfect quote

  • why cant someone just tell her to stop embarrasing herself?

    im sure her friends are all encouraging, but she needs a bitchy friend.

  • Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Thank you for that. *wipes tears from her eyes*
    It’s beautiful.
    I’m going to the beach in a few days and was worried about how I’ll look in my bikini. But if I start feeling insecure about my fat tire, I can just repeat this mantra to myself: At least I’m not Brooke Hogan.

    i can respect anyone who reps the marlins hahah

  • Ok. The whole squatting in the water thing is sooo unsexy and at the end when he’s walking he looks like a midget. I thought it was all a joke. It looks like something from SNL.